Is it possible to do online dating when you say you don’t want kids?

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    Clearly, dating apps like Tinder aren’t good for filtering or weeding people out based on whether they want kids or not.

    I gave another dating app, Bumble, a shot. Unfortunately, only two men in my area within my age range (34-46) selected “don’t want kids” and 8 selected “not sure”.



    Hi Natalie,

    It is possible to do online dating when you don’t want kids. Now, your age range being (34-46) reduces the number of options you have in this category, simply due to the fact that most people by this age range already have kids.

    It is still possible though to meet men who don’t want nor have kids. Bumble may not be the best dating app to use for this desire.

    Instead of using such a popular dating app, it may be best to seek out more niche dating apps, such as CFdating (Childfree Dating), that cater to people who are seeking others that don’t want kids.

    If you don’t have much luck finding niche dating apps like this, you may have to make some concessions when it comes to age or location. Consider adjusting your age range and widening your search area.

    Younger men have a higher likelihood of not already having kids and if you do enough digging, some don’t ever want to have them.

    Widening your search area gives you a much better chance at finding what you desire. Your area may not be particularly bountiful in men who don’t want kids, but, somewhere else might. This means that you may even have to relocate if need be. Making this kind of sacrifice depends on how important this criteria is to you.

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