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    There is this girl at work I can’t tell if she is interested or not. She started helping alot even when I messed up and broke some bottle glass she helped me clean it without me asking. Even when she saw me talking and giving my attention to another female coworker she seemed bothered by it. I just took it as her being friendly I didn’t want to read to much into it. I was the new guy and I took it as her just being friendly. I dont want to make things awkward at work…if she isn’t interested in me. Well I finally started talking to her and she’s talking back to me a tell her wassup now just acknowledge her. She never initiate first though. There is this new guy now and I’m afraid her eyes may be on him now and not me anymore. I saw her checking him out making quick glances. She may start trying to get his attention so he can notice her. But I know just because a girl checks a guy out it doesn’t always mean there interested. I need help. Idk what to do.



    Hi Ty,

    There are no solid indicators that she is interested in you romantically.

    All of her helpfulness may simply be because you are the new guy at work.

    However, there is still a chance that she is open to getting to know you and seeing whether there’s any romantic spark.

    It may be best for you to start having longer conversations with her and get to know her better by asking her questions about herself.

    Through these conversations, you may discover if she’s actually single and available.

    You may also get some hints as to whether she is interested in you romantically.

    Now that there is a another new guy at your work, any window of romantic opportunity that you may have with her may be gradually closing.

    Hence, it’s best that you act now in engaging with her on a deeper level.

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