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    I’ve heard it said that men will play games and sometimes leave you on read just to get you to constantly think about them. Do you think this is true for some men?
    My crush always leaves me on read during our conversations, but the last time we spoke I finally just liked the message and didn’t respond, so he couldn’t leave me on read. That was a few days ago. Today texted him, and he responded but when I answered that text, again- left on read. What do you think I should do?

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    Hi Yani,

    Yes, it is true that some men will leave your message on read just to get you to constantly think about them.

    It puts them in the power seat because they are then able to manipulate your emotions and have you constantly questioning whether they like you.

    Your crush keeps leaving you on read because he knows that he is able to control his interaction with you and what you are thinking.

    He is able to anticipate your actions.

    If you want this to stop, you will have to give him the impression that he is not in control and thereby cannot anticipate your actions.

    An effective way to do this is to stop reading his messages for a while. As tempting as it may be to do so, if you want to gain some control and have more of a balance of power in this interaction, you should avoid reading his messages.

    Instead, engage in really fun activities with friends and new friends and post those experiences on your social media.

    As he sees all the fun that you are having and the fact that you aren’t reading his messages, he will panic and start wondering if he is losing control.

    This will most likely lead to him becoming a lot more attentive towards you and he will feel the need to prove that you are important to him by making sure that he not only reads your future messages to him but promptly responds.

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    Thank you for responding! I took your advice. He messaged me after i posted a biblical quote on my story and said “amen sister”. So i completely ignored it. we are both religious and go to a christian college so he may just be referring to me as his sister in Christ, but we’ve been on dates before, and kissed multiple times, so its just awkward to be called that. I know i shouldnt be but im almost offended .

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    You are welcome Yani.

    You did the right thing in completely ignoring his response to your biblical quote.

    That is what you should keep doing.

    Remember to live your life fully and document that through your social media stories without making any references to him.

    In time, he may start feeling neglected and reach out to you in a proper fashion while understanding that his ability to control the exchange and anticipate your actions is mute.

    If and when that happens, you should keep on living your life to the fullest so that he realizes that you aren’t at all bothered that he is playing these games, thereby weakening his sense of control.

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    Hi! I haven’t spoken to him since our last interaction, and he hasn’t reached out either. Normally I wouldn’t be worried, but for some reason I’m starting to wonder if he’ll ever reach out again. 🙁 I know if he doesn’t it’s for the best, it shows me that he never really cared. But how should I stop my impulses to text him? I know I shouldn’t but I want to so badly .

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    Try texting him from time to time. He might have some feelings for you but is not sure if you feel the same.

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