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    Hi so I was talking to this guy everything was going well then he asked me if I wanted to hang out we discussed plans to hang out but they were never clear , he just wanted me to come over to his house but I would have rather gone somewhere but I just agreed to go to his house because he insisted then I tell him I don’t want him to have the wrong idea , he said he didn’t , then I said ok what time should I come over he replied with I’ll let u know tomorrow because I have practice I said ok then the next day we are just snapping back in forth no convo but then it gets around 3 I ask are we going to hang out , he replied with I am tired right now so I’m going to take a nap but I think we have different things in mind about what hanging out means and I asked what did he think he said I just want to hangout with no expectation of a relationship later and said I was aware of that that’s why I said I didn’t want to get the wrong idea , he then sent 2 thumbs up emojis and so I just left that on open because it didn’t make any sense and so the next day I ask him what did he think I wanted he then texts me that he wanted to hang out with out any expectations and I said I know that I wasn’t really looking for a relationship and Then he said oh I wasn’t really feeling it after u said that I then replied saying “ said what ? “ he then said “ oh that you didn’t want me to get the wrong idea “ and I was very confused because that had nothing to do with him I explained to him that I didn’t want him to think of me as a hoe he then said I never thought of you as one , I would not think that , you have the wrong idea on me” At that point I was lost so then I said oh ok and then said I probably do have the wrong idea about you because I don’t really know u then he replied with “ight” so I took that as he was pissed so then I said look I’m not trying to be rude here but I am just trying to sort out what might have been misinterpreted and then he said it’s all good and then I replied with ok but then I think I’ve made the mistake of texting him “ my bad if I’m texting to much but if your ever “feeling it” again or down to hang out I would like to not have the wrong idea about u 🙂 “ and then he replied with okay and then I left it on open and we never talked again and he is about to lose our streak which means a number of days we have been texting and I don’t understand what went wrong , I would like to know if it was wrong of me to send that message and what do u think happened and did I do something wrong?

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