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    I have been online dating for a little while and have had good conversations with some guys.

    I normally don’t like to keep texting a guy for weeks on end. I normally like to meet face to face to see if we have chemistry in person.

    The problem is, whenever I suggest meeting up, the guys never commit to a day or time. They are really vague on when they can meet up.

    Some have even told me that they will get back with me but I end up never hearing from them again.

    It confounds me because we were getting along so well and they had even stated in conversations that they would love to meet up at some point.

    Are these guys just on the dating sites to find texting buddies or validation as to the number of women they can chat with?



    Hi Alaia,

    Some guys become really intimidated with the prospect of meeting someone from a dating site in person, even though they seemingly joined the dating site to find a partner.

    Suggest chatting on the phone first or doing a video chat. Breaking the ice with each other this way first, before suggesting a meet-up helps to reduce reservations or stress.

    Once they are able to get a good read on you after having spoken to you on the phone or through video chat, it is easier for them to believe that meeting you in person won’t end up in embarrassment or failure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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