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    Okirua Hewett

    So i like this guy i work with and on the first day i noticed him looking at me and i instatly liked him,so a couple of weeks past and i still like him so i found he’s instagram but he feels like i stalked him and he told my friend at work he was scared of me,i still liked him after that, then he started working in our section and theres only like 10 of us but he also ignored me even tho i asked him a question and my whole team knows i like him so they were annoyed that he did that coz everyone heard me, so anyways after that he qant back to his section and a couple of weeks have past and he came to the lunch room and asked if anyone was aitting next to me and i said no, i asked him a question and he ignored me again and it actually really hurt my heart that he did coz i looked right at him, oh yeah that was on my birthday, ok recently we had our work christmas party and i was all dressed up, when i went to their table and was talking to some people i decided to go outside to see the bull riding contest and when i looked back he was right behind me so i decided to make him jelous by talking to another guy,that whole night he kept on looking at me, coming to the last hour he was outside with his friends and my friend was drunk and was sitgong near him and she was like “why dont you want to sit with us is it because of this lad” and she points at him and he said “your fucked dont tell her to come here” to her and i didnt know he said that until monday, but my friend told him to stop treating me that way coz i dont like him no more, which was kinda true because i was trying to get over him at that time coz it broke my heart everytime he would ignore me even tho he knows i like him.the week after the party i noticed he has changed he always stares at me and im staring at him the same time and when he comes up to my section he usualy stays for about 5-10 mins to talk to the guys and i try so hard not to look at him but when i do look up he is staring at me im just so confused and one day he came up and i was gonna take the pallet down to his section and i notice that he was rushing so i left and when i looked back he was right behind me and this happed twice when i took the pallet. The other day i was sad coz one of my coworkers niece died and he walked past and i think he heard us coz he was talikg to the guys on the other table but he was looking right at me. Honestly im just confused does he like me or not, if not how do i get over him when i have to see him everyday.

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