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    Dylan Brandon

    My questions is: i see this girl 2 times a week she used to talk to me all the time and start conversation and after a while I finally told her that I like her by text and she replied with: I don’t know what to say so I told her don’t say anything I just needed to tell you, so then she said: ok so want to let you know that I will keep talking to you the same! With a 🙂 smile and we did not touch the topic again,
    Them time pass.. like a month then she became mad all of the sudden so I asked her why she was mad and was like:
    no I am not mad just have Lot things going on at the same time!!
    And she’s been like this for like 2 week so far. I really don’t know what to think about this.. was she interested or not? Because I did not say anything to her because of her reply when I confessed her that I liked her.

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