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    James Enright II

    This is a long story. I used to live in Florida and my mother had a stroke when I was in high school. So we moved to where I’m at now. After I graduated here, I got a job. I had this neighbor girl that used to live here a few doors down from me, and she used to work at the same job as me years ago before I did. She is a married woman and has a kid. I notice after I started working, she would go outside and sit in her car alot when I come home late. IDK if she was sending me mixed signals or what, but I was minding my business. She came to my job a few times, but I only said hi to her once. I also passed her alot on the road when I was driving, but I wasn’t stalking her. She has some friends I work with that know her, though. IDK if this was meant to happen, but I was scared to talk to her. I tried to hit on a girl once in high school that looked like her and got rejected. I ended up here in a similar situation. I think it’s a small world out here what I was going through over the yrs between this girl. IDK, but it was weird.

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