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    So I met this girl who’s bestfriends with my bestfriends girlfriend. We talked initially this summer while she still had a boyfriend and she wanted to see me then. Then they broke up and she bailed on the date we had. We kept a little bit of touch here and there in the passing months. Recently it worked out to where we were able to get out on a date and it went fantastic. I bought her dinner we went to our friends then she invited me back to her house to meet her parents (as she was home from college) we then kissed plenty, enjoyed each others company, and it was a great evening as a whole. We kept talking then last week she seemed to go cold on me. I had made an offer to see her at her college or mine since we are different schools and she said she’d think about it that was during that date. But after she went cold from texting I sent her a message saying what would it take to see her again, and she just now responded almost two days after I had sent that and from initially not hearing from her for a week. I’m just wondering if should even respond or make plans or if I’m wasting my time.

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