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    Is it a big turn off to guys on dating sites when girls reply to their messages too fast?

    I’ve been told that it can make girls look desperate, clingy or overly eager and this scares guys off.

    What if all we are doing is clearing out our messages or our pesky notifications so that our inboxes don’t become too convoluted? What if we already have a habit of replying to messages fast in general?

    I am aware some people knowingly match the reply time of the other person.



    Hi Lillian,

    It isn’t a turn off when a girl replies too fast to a guy’s message on a dating site. If anything, that kind of speed is a pleasant surprise to the guy. Rather than looking at you as desperate, clingy or overly eager, he admires that you are this straightforward.

    He doesn’t have to sit around for days wondering why you haven’t replied to his message. He doesn’t have to fret over the thought of sending you another message just in case his first message never reached you.

    Replying to messages fast is actually a very effective way to go about finding what you are looking for sooner. The quicker you message him back, the quicker you learn whether the both of you are romantically compatible.

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