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    I am a 22 year old female who is into video games. Some of my favorite video games are very well-known. Some include Pokemon, Skyrim, and so on. I have included this information in the bio of my online dating profile, and I get a bunch of matches who want to talk about these games. This is wonderful, but these conversations fizzle out after a few messages without fail. Conversations about the games I play has never led to a date with a guy. Is all this video game talk at fault for this? Should I avoid sharing that I am into video games on my bio if this approach isn’t going anywhere? What types of interests can I include in a bio that helps to spark good conversation beyond “I love Pokemon too?”



    Hi Charlotte,

    If playing video games is a big part of your life and something that you really love, you should share that information in the bio of your online dating profile.

    You have been receiving a bunch of matches with guys who want to talk video games because they find it attractive that your interests include a love for video games.

    The conversations are fizzling out because you are not transitioning the topic into something else in sufficient time. By the time the initial excitement about all the video games you both have in common such as Pokemon has worn off, there doesn’t feel like there is anything else to talk about.

    To overcome this, use the cues that you are given in conversations to do a redirect. Instead of solely focusing on themes about these video games, take the opportunity to ask him questions about topics that don’t necessarily relate.

    For example, in talking about Pokemon, he may say something about playing it a lot with some of his friends. That is your cue and your opportunity to now ask him an open-ended question such as, “Wow, what else do you normally do with your friends on the weekends?”

    At this point, you have used information that he briefly mentioned while talking about Pokemon to redirect the topic of conversation to something else. Redirecting conversation through using information that the guy gives you while talking about video games is how you are able to keep these conversations going without allowing them to fizzle out.

    These guys that you match with are most likely shy. They are confident when it comes to talking about video games, but aren’t very equipped with how to go about changing the topic. This is why the conversations fizzle out.

    Continuously using this redirecting tactic broadens the conversation. Soon, his confidence is boosted as he gets more comfortable with the prospect of learning more about you. This is when he starts asking you open-ended questions about topics that have nothing to do with video games.

    This way of going about having conversations is how you get some of these guys to eventually ask you out on a date.

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