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    I met an amazing girl on the dating app, Hinge, and we had our first date last Saturday. Things went well and she was game for a second date that was scheduled for yesterday.

    A few hours prior to the time we were supposed to meet up, she asked to reschedule the date to next Tuesday, stating that she has a busy work week, as a teacher, and a trip planned for the upcoming weekend.

    My question is, should I get in touch with her between now and next Tuesday or just stay silent until next week? I worry about losing too much momentum between the dates but also want to avoid looking clingy.



    Hi Julian,

    Yes, get in touch with her between now and next Tuesday. The loss of momentum is a genuine worry and many men who are online dating have often made the mistake of not communicating with a date in-between dates only to result in that date losing interest.

    She wants to hear from you in-between dates.

    This lets her know that you are genuinely interested in getting to know her as opposed to just merely waiting for the physical dates in the hopes that you hook up with her by the end of the date.

    When you are actually taking the time out to chat with her in-between dates, you are showing that you actually thought about her during your day and this really makes her feel good. Starting the conversation with referencing something that she talked about during the first date is an even better start.

    It lets her know that you were paying attention to what she was saying during the date.

    There is no need to feel that you would be coming across as clingy if you stayed in touch with her between now and next Tuesday. The only time that you come across as clingy is when you are sending multiple messages throughout the day and not giving her much of an opportunity to respond in-between those messages.

    Yes, there are times where you send a message and it takes her hours or quite some time to respond, depending on how busy she is. You should let your message be and just give her the time to respond.

    Don’t send another one because it has been a few hours and you are yet to receive a response from her. This is when you become clingy.

    Just relax.

    Send a message and give her time to respond, even if that means hours later.

    Let the conversations flow naturally and there is a good chance that by the time you get to next Tuesday, she is even more excited to see you again than she was when you both met for the first time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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