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    Hey I’m
    In need of advice,

    I’ve been seeing a guy for less than a month and we’ve spent a bit of time with each other .We haven’t slept together yet but we have amazing chemistry .I recently met his best friends who are like family to him .He invited me to his friends birthday party (one of the best friends)today via txt and his message threw me off a little bit this is what he sent me:

    Wednesday is Ash’s birthday in Hoppers and will be good night with all my friends you are more than welcome


    I know it’s very early days but I don’t want to be introducing you into my friends circle if you’re not going to be around long….

    I hope that makes sense

    And on the other hand I wouldn’t want to be introducing you to my friends if I wasn’t keen on you and hoping you were going to be around for a good while.So you can choose to come depending on how you feel.

    I’m not sure how to proceed or interpret it.



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