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    Good Evening,
    I’ve been talking to this girl for about a month now and everything started off great. Let me set the scene. She goes to a different university than I do, which is in another state, she was always the one to initiate phone calls or texts and was constantly on top of me. I told her that when we both got home for winter break that we should meet up and she agreed. The day that I got home, I called her up and asked her if she wanted to go out on Sunday at 4pm and she replied with “I don’t know”. So I took that as a no and that was it. Ever since the day I asked her to go out, she’s been distant. Being cold to my text messages or taking long to respond, ignoring my snaps or being cold on the phone. What I thought of doing was not contacting her at all anymore and to see how she would take it. We are both on break for 3 weeks so if she doesn’t reach out within the time frame, I would just move on and never look back. What are your thoughts on this? She told me that she’s been spending the majority of her time with her family and hasn’t really spoken to many people since she’s been home, BUT we all know that girls are attached to their phones. She also said that she intended on meeting up with me pn the phone when I spoke to her about meeting up. What do you think?

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