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    I am so uncertain about all of this as I always am when it comes to situations related to online dating. I matched with a guy on the dating apps, Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel. On Tinder we changed the medium of communication and moved the conversation to our phones. This happened last year. I told him I wasn’t dating at the time due to COVID. I got back on Tinder yesterday and he sees my text messages to him but doesn’t answer. I then started a new dating profile on Coffee Meets Bagel and he likes me there, but still won’t talk. Why won’t he talk? Is he just pressing the like button without much thought?



    Hi Ava,

    The both of you have lost quite a bit of momentum since you first starting talking to each other last year. Although he saw your text messages on Tinder, he wasn’t excited about reconnecting at that moment.

    He is still actively using dating apps. This means that there is a good chance that he is actively dating different women. At this time, you are not at the same level of priority as you were last year. Other dating prospects are now ahead of you in terms of desirability.

    In liking your new dating profile on Coffee Meets Bagel, there is a chance that he didn’t even really pay much attention to what he was doing. If you used a different dating profile photo on your Coffee Meets Bagel account, he may not have even recognized you.

    He is on two dating apps that you know of. He could even be on more. He is liking a lot of dating profiles. A lot of guys do this to increase the likelihood of getting as many matches as they can. They play the numbers game.

    With the lost momentum from last year, he is trying to see what else is out there. If he reaches a point where he has run out of matches or isn’t getting that many, he might come back around to replying to your text messages on Tinder.

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