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    I’m not referencing the person’s entire online dating profile, only the person’s photo. I want to know what you look for in that photo? What is it that makes you stop and pay attention to that photo?



    Hi Isabella,

    An online dating profile photo that has good lighting and shows your full face at a distance of about five feet from the camera is most preferable.

    Your face should be unobscured.

    People often make the mistake of trying to be sneaky by taking their online dating profile photo at weird angles, at distances too far from the camera, with them in a group of people, with sunglasses or a cap on, or with photo filters. Avoid doing any of this.

    Your online dating profile photo should not be this busy. It only makes it appear as though you are hiding something which is never appealing to men and will never make them stop and pay attention to your online dating profile.

    The focus needs to be on your full face taken at enough of a distance that your upper torso is also visible. This gives men a good idea of your build, which can also go a long way in getting men to swipe right on your dating profile or send you a message or interest signal.


    Just as in real life, most men are drawn to women who seem approachable. When they see her somewhere in public or a social event, they will be a lot more inclined to approach her if she is smiling. This makes him feel like she would be open to his approach and would be pleasant to talk to. It is no different on an online dating site.

    Provide a natural smile in your dating profile photo. Don’t overdo it. Just smile as you normally would when you are happy.

    What you are wearing can also have a profound effect. There have been psychological studies done that have shown that men are most attracted to women in red.

    There is a reason why there is so much red on Valentine’s Day, whether it be in flowers or boxes of chocolate. Red is the color of passion. If you have red earrings, a red necklace or a red blouse lying around, make use of them in your online dating profile photo. Red can go a long way in setting you apart from other women.

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