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    I met this girl in school,she asked for my Snapchat details then started talking virtually everyday and the conversations were fine. I would always make her laugh and we would both each other about our day. I found her attractive and she also found me attractive because she said I was fine but then laughed it off. She started saying things like you should learn how to cook because I like guys that can cook and I’ve never talked to someone for this long on FaceTime etc. At that point I had feelings for so I confessed my feelings but she turned me down saying that she likes talking to me but as a friend. Some days went by I messaged her just to clear the air so responded normally. After two weeks I messaged her and I could she was replying me faster than ever, before i’m done typing she has already opened the message (You can tell on Snapchat). The next day she texts me we talk for a long time like we normally did then she told me to listen to an album and I should make sure I text her when I listened to it, I did that like the next day. Another week went by I texted her and we talk for a long period of time. (Note: the times we talk after she rejected me the conversation never really ended I just opened the text and did reply). A week later I saw her around coming towards my direction,instead of passing by me which would have been easier for her to get to were she was going she took the other way which was longer and she doesn’t open my Snapchat stories anymore. So I want to know what’s on her mind at this point.

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