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    Chantel Abdo

    About two years ago my husband of 5 years walked away from our marriage. He litrualy packed and left out of the blue. We were having problems, but I never thought it to the point of seperation. It destroyed me.
    He blamed me for everything. You put on weight. You don’t take care of your self like you use to. You don’t work enough. Whatever his reasons true or untrue.

    We went our seperate ways. I have lost weight, become completely independent financially and so on. After three months he texted me saying I love you,I miss you, I miss what we had.

    Me still being in love tried to save my marriage because I never wanted this from the start.

    I still have been with noone else.

    But he has been hot cold hot cold ever since then. Just playing with my emotions.

    Of course I want my marriage to work and of course I want to fix this. I can’t lie but I needed to win the upper hand and have been watching your videos.

    My question is, these little tricks have been working, he is chasing me, but what I want to know is how to keep the upper hand? what do I do now once I have the guy and his chasing you?

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