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    On the 15th I went to my best friends Christmas party. And she invited her friend. And we immediately hit it off. He’s AMAZING. And so my friend ended up giving him my number and the first time we talked we talked for like 3 hours. And then he kinda just stopped talking to me…then he came back a few days later and we texted for LITERALLY 10 hours….then he didn’t talk to me for 4 days. So I texted him and I was like “hey”. No response. Then the next day I was like “are you ok?” And he’s like “yea sorry I’ve just been really busy” and I was like “ok cool I get it” and then a few hours after that he was like “hey I’ll text you later I have family stuff” and I was like “ok have fun” and he NEVER texted me back. It had been almost 3 days. And yea, I’m sure he probably is really busy because of Christmas and stuff……but you couldn’t find the time to respond to ONE text message?? And it’s very obvious that he likes me. He told my friends that he really likes me, and I believe it. Especially when it comes to some of the things he’s says, like one time he told me that he wants to talk to me a lot more etc..but I just don’t get how he “likes me”… but doesn’t ever find the time to text me?? I’ve asked 3 other people the SAME questions. My mom was like “he probably still likes you, maybe he really IS that busy” and my co worker said the SAME thing. So what I’m trying to figure out is..am I wasting my time?? He told everyone he likes me. We’ve texted a lot, etc, but I just don’t know what this means. If I liked someone I’d wanna talk to them EVERY chance I got. But he’s just not like that???? Should I just move on??? Or??? I haven’t heard from him in 11 days. I asked my friends about it again and they told me that he’s going through a lot right now, but won’t explain what’s going on to anyone. I’m really lost. Idk if I’m ever gonna hear from him again or not 🙁 I texted him 2 days ago and got nothing back.

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