Why do people match with me on dating sites but have no intention of engaging?

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    I am a 54 year old woman. I signed up on Match after having been on Bumble for some time and set my age preferences at 48-60 years of age. I was hoping that this age range would give me a better chance at receiving mature matches.

    I’ll get a mutual match and start off by saying hello. Then nothing. I feel that I am relatively attractive, somewhere in the middle. There are no kids at home with me. I do state I’m liberal in my politics. So do guys just match based on a picture and then read the bio of the woman later on?



    Hi Madison,

    Many men play the numbers game when it comes to matching with women on dating sites. They match with as many of them as they can without reading their bios in the hopes of getting as many messages as possible.

    Then, depending on whether they find the woman attractive enough, they decide to read her bio.

    Though you set your preferred age range at 48-60 years of age, this doesn’t really spare you from this strategy. Men of all ages on dating sites use this tactic.

    You can’t really eliminate this problem but you can mitigate it. When you message a match, send something intriguing. Saying “hello” isn’t going to grab the attention of men.

    Send a thoughtful message that is either witty or references something significant that they mentioned in their bio.

    This new approach to how you go about messaging guys won’t get every guy to respond. But, it does get you a lot more responses than what you have been getting, which in your case, has been nothing at all.

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