Why do women on dating sites keep replying to my messages but don’t ask questions?

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    There is no judgment here. I am just curious about what a woman’s thinking process is here.

    Is it because of a lack of time to have too many chats with guys that are messaging her on the dating site?

    Is it because she is waiting to meet the guy in person on the date to see if she is interested in him?

    It’s hard to get excited when, as a guy, I am always the one who is trying to push a conversation forward with little effort from the other person. Personally, it makes me feel like they aren’t curious or interested enough about me, but then they’ll often keep talking and inexplicably meet up eventually in person with me.

    I’ve even experimented before with calling the girls out when they have this kind of communication style. They’ll usually acknowledge what they are doing and even apologize, but it kills the energy.

    Of course not every correspondence with women on dating sites is like this but it happens enough to make me curious about it.



    Hi Paul,

    Yes, it can be really frustrating to feel as though you are the one who is constantly pushing a conversation forward with women that you meet on dating sites.

    Many of them have this kind of communication style so as not to get too emotionally invested in a guy too soon. Many women are talkers. They naturally love to socialize and chat. When they aren’t asking you questions, they are not comfortable enough with you to do so.

    They don’t want to get themselves sucked into a guy before they know that he is someone that they can be vulnerable with. If they were to ask you questions and learn information about you that easily makes them feel a stronger connection with you, they get emotionally attached sooner than they would like.

    They already feel like the guy should be the pursuer. They leave it to the guy to ask the questions. Again, these are girls who just want to avoid the possibility of getting emotionally attached to a guy too soon. They don’t want to come off as needy or desperate.

    It’s a good sign that they keep replying. It shows that they are interested. Take some solace in that. For the most part, a woman who isn’t interested in you wouldn’t keep replying. Don’t take too much time asking them questions, trying to push conversation forward on a dating site.

    Ask them out on a date in a timely fashion, normally within a week to two weeks of consistent conversation on a dating site. This helps to filter out the women who are just on a dating site for the attention and the ones who are truly looking to meet someone in person.

    When you meet them on dates, show them a good time. Make them laugh and keep up with the questions. Now that they have met you in person and you have shown them a good time, there is a good chance that their communication style with you starts changing.

    You may notice that all of a sudden, she has just asked you a question in one of the conversations you have had with her since that first date. The more dates that you go on, the more questions she starts asking in consequent conversations until you start losing your mind, in a good way, with all the questions she is asking.

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