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    So there’s this guy at work who caught my attention a few months ago because I thought he was attractive. I have found him constantly staring at me and magically end up wherever I happen to be even though our job duties don’t require us to interact or be anywhere near one another. It became so frequent that I started staring back at him to give him the hint to approach me because I got the vibe he was attracted to me. However, the other day I got to work and saw him with a girl who must have been his girlfriend because he hugged and kissed her. I was shocked because he stares too much at me and in a certain way. After that, he continued to stare and happen to be wherever I was. Does this guy have any intentions with me? I’m sure I’m not making this up in my head. I feel sorry for his girlfriend because I think he imagines more things about me beyond just staring and she is a heavier-set person and is less attractive than your average girl. Please dissect this guy’s thinking for me!

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    Nobody important

    Good news: He most definitely is into you!

    Bad news: He has a girlfriend

    Another bad news: but imagine dating him and not realizing that he’s looking at other girls. Imagine you has his girlfriend and not knowing that he’s looking at other girls. I mean guys will stare at a pretty girl because it’s part of their nature, but if he really liked the girl he wouldn’t be looking anywhere else.

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