Girls Online Dating: How Many Messages Do You Actually Get?

Girls Online Dating: How Many Messages Do You Actually Get?


This is especially evident when girls initially join an online dating site.

When the average girl joins an online dating site for the first time, she can easily get up to fifty messages a day, if not more.

The number of messages increase the more attractive the woman is.

If she is attractive, she can get up to a hundred messages a day or more.

Most women will get the biggest influx of messages within the first two weeks of joining an online dating site.

The men are often interested in the new member of the dating site.

She is fresh and new.

These men start thinking that if they were to send her a message as soon as possible, they would have the best chance of getting a response from her since she is so fresh and unknowing.

Hence, as soon as she joins, she is inundated with messages from men.

The initial inundation of messages for women can be very overwhelming.

Many would be unsure of how to go about addressing them.

They may have initially been excited about it but as they read through the messages, they are less than pleased.

The majority of men who send these messages to women so soon after they join the online dating site do not send substantial or well-thought out messages.

Their messages are normally superficial or frivolous in nature.

They will often address the woman’s looks or be already making propositions for her to become a girlfriend or wife to them.

Hence, for a woman who has newly joined an online dating site, it can become a chore to get through these many messages.

Eventually, she starts deleting a lot of these messages but they keep coming.

It may ultimately get to a point where she just starts ignoring the majority of these messages altogether.

The only messages that may get her attention now are the ones that truly stick out.

The messages that show that the men have actually read her online dating profile tend to be the ones that she will start focusing on.

As time goes on, the number of messages a girl gets on an online dating site starts reducing.

She has gotten past the initial inundation of messages and she will now settle to a more manageable number.

However, if she is an attractive girl, she will still get more messages than the average looking girl.

This being said, most women on dating sites will still continue to get certain surges in the volume of messages that they receive from men over the course of time.

For example, if the website is doing some kind of promotion, this will often cause a surge in messages for women on a dating site.

The online dating site may start a promotion that gives people some percentages off their fees to join.

Sometimes, an online dating site may do a promotion that offers free membership for a period of time.

Whenever there are promotions like these on an online dating site, the membership of the dating site surges.

This is often when women who may have already been on a dating site for a few weeks to months may get a surge in messages from men.

These men are taking advantage of the promotion and are now sending messages to many women on the dating site.

Some of these men will have a short-term mentality.

They want to take full advantage of the promotion but they don’t want to get to the point where they have to start paying full price or any price.

Hence, they have a sense of urgency to find as many women as possible on the dating site before the promotion ends.

This is why women will often get these surges in messages on a dating site that they may have already been a member of for a while.

The messages that women get whenever these promotions happen could increase by as much as fifty percent or more.