How Can A Super Introverted Guy Be Successful On Dating Sites?

How Can A Super Introverted Guy Be Successful On Dating Sites?

By finding something in common that he has with a girl that he is interested in and using that information to start conversation with her.

Being that you are a super introverted guy, it is always best to start conversation with a girl by using a topic that you are already really comfortable talking about.

When this is a something that the both of you have in common, it will make it that much easier for you to chat with this girl with a lot more confidence than if you had chosen a topic that you are unfamiliar with to start conversation.

Finding something in common with the person will also give the person an opportunity to get to know you and also open themselves up to you in the process.

This is how you can build up a degree of comfort with someone to the point where they find it really easy to talk to you.

This kind of ease is what you want to develop with someone.

It makes them more prone to want to chat with you and open your messages on dating sites.

This approach tends to be successful because it keeps you within your element, at least at the preliminary stages of communication with someone on dating sites.

A super introverted guy can be successful on dating sites by avoiding the temptation to put himself down when he is interacting with a girl on dating sites.

In other words, you should try not to put yourself down by calling yourself out on certain things or just apologizing all the time.

You should just chat normally and unapologetically.

If you make a mistake, avoid dwelling on it.

Oftentimes, a super introverted guy may say something to a girl on a dating site that they instantly become insecure about.

This makes them suddenly become really quiet or withdrawn.

In order to be successful on dating sites as a super introverted guy, you should never allow something you say to suddenly make you become timid or uncertain of how to move on with a conversation.

In essence, you shouldn’t instantly make a judgment on something that you said because you believe that this would be something that would turn the girl off.

It actually may not be.

By making this premature judgment, you may affect the rest of your conversation with the girl by making it that much more awkward and leaving the girl wondering why you are behaving in this way.

Hence, leave whatever preconceptions of what a girl would like a guy to say to her in conversation at the door.

Simply speak naturally and if you say something that trips you up, do not dwell on it.

Simply keep going.

Change the topic at hand if you have to, but just don’t second-guess yourself and begin to act awkwardly because you are worried about something that you just said.

This allows your conversations with girls on dating sites to flow a lot easier and makes you come off as a person who is good at keeping a conversation going.

A super introverted guy can be successful on dating sites by being able to take a joke and not take things personally.

In the process of chatting with a girl on a dating site, she may crack a joke that may seem as though she is being critical of you.

However, do understand that if this girl has already exhibited multiple signs of being humorous in her conversations with you, this is most likely just a joke.

Try not to take it personally.

Perhaps she teases you about a particular word that you tend to use when you communicate with her.

As a super introverted guy, you may take this the wrong way.

You may think that she is actually criticizing you or putting you down.

However, this is highly unlikely.

She is merely teasing you.

Oftentimes, this is actually a good sign that the girl feels comfortable with you and is beginning to like you.

Remember this whenever the super introverted part of your persona wants to instinctively react to something like this by either becoming defensive or withdrawing back into silence.

You shouldn’t do this.

In order for a super introverted guy to be successful on dating sites, he has to be able to handle humor and roll with it.

This allows the girl to see that you are a chill guy who she can really feel at ease with and this will often make her start liking you even more.