I Can Make Conversation Pretty Easily On Dating Apps, But Struggle To Redirect It Into Getting A Number Or A Date?

I Can Make Conversation Pretty Easily On Dating Apps, But Struggle To Redirect It Into Getting A Number Or A Date?

You are hoping that the girl simply volunteers her phone number or even asks you to meet up on a date at some point during the course of these conversations.

It is possible for that to happen.

In your case, it typically doesn’t.

You need to change strategy.

The girls that you are having these easy conversations with on dating apps are waiting on you to ask for their number or just plain ask them out.

You are letting your conversations go on to the point where you start overthinking everything.

When you realize that the girl has either not volunteered her phone number or asked you to meet up, you start wondering about when you should do it yourself.

You keep waiting for a perfect time to do it during the course of your easy conversations with her.

You are so worried that if you chose to ask for her number at a point in time that wasn’t appropriate, she will immediately stop talking to you and lose interest in you.

This is your problem.

You are too stuck on a negative outcome.

You are forgetting that you met this girl on a dating app.

That alone lets you know that the girl is looking to meet someone and go out on dates.

Yet, you worry.

You struggle with redirecting conversations into getting a number or a date as you are way too caught up on when the appropriate time would be to do this.

Get rid of this fear.

The girl is on a dating app to find someone to date.

That is the purpose of her being there in the first place.

She isn’t there to participate in seemingly endless conversations with you.

If all she is looking for is conversation online, she has social media for that.

She is using a dating app to find someone to date.

Remember this and use it to your advantage.

The right time to ask for her number or a date is after a handful of extemporaneous and meaningful message exchanges with her.

You are past the introductory stage and well into the finding things in common stage.

There have been a few jokes exchanged and a decent number of detailed responses to questions asked.

There doesn’t have to be a specific point in the conversations for you to feel it appropriate to ask for a number or a date.

You have already built some rapport in the handful of message exchanges that you have had so far.

No need to wait for an appropriate time to ask for the number or date, just do it now.

If you still feel uneasy about doing it, the easiest way to go about it is to start a conversation with her about an activity that you know she enjoys and you both have in common.

For example, you have discovered that you both love painting.

This is your opening.

As the conversation about painting progresses and is reaching its conclusion, tell her that you are thinking about doing some painting at a local art studio that Friday evening and whether she would like to come.

You see what you just did here?

You have naturally redirected the conversation to asking her on a date while using a topic that the both of you have in common.

From here, if she truly is interested in you, she will agree to the date and the both of you will proceed to exchange numbers.

If you are just too stumped on when to redirect a conversation to one about getting a number or a date, use an activity that you both love and have in common as your precursor.

That’s it.

Now, get on with it.

Taking too long to ask a girl for her number or out on a date is a one way ticket to getting the girl to lose interest in you entirely.