Internet Dating: Should I Stay In Contact With Her?

Internet Dating: Should I Stay In Contact With Her?

You should only stay in contact with her if she has been putting forth the right amount of effort in your interaction with her.

If you met her on an internet dating site, she was on there for a particular reason or a number of reasons.

People have all kinds of reasons why they would start internet dating.

You should be sure about what your reason was.

If your reason to start internet dating was in order to find a significant other, you should be fully cognizant of that.

If you have been talking to this girl on an internet dating site and she has been quite sporadic in her interaction with you, she may not be worth staying in contact with.

Also, if you don’t even know why she started internet dating in the first place, you may be better off finding this out before you move any further with this girl.

If you are wondering whether you should stay in contact with her, there is clearly something that she is not doing.

In fact, at this stage, your instincts may already be telling you that something is wrong.

You should listen to these instincts.

They are often correct.

Unfortunately, us human beings tend to ignore them because of our own desires.

We want something to turn out in a particular way and when our instincts are telling us the opposite of what we want, we block them out.

You shouldn’t do this.

Again, she started internet dating for a reason.

If she has been sporadic in her communication with you, it may be because she started internet dating for frivolous reasons.

In other words, she may not be looking for a long-term serious partner.

She may be on internet dating sites in order to just have fun and talk to people.

There are girls who do this on internet dating sites.

They have no intention of actually meeting any guys on a date, they are simply on the internet dating sites in order to talk and feel better about themselves for getting all that attention.

You could be dealing with a girl who is like this.

This is why you should take this time to look back on your correspondence with this girl.

Perhaps she seemed really excited at first.

She may have been communicating with a lot more frequency and may have seemed really animated in her responses.

However, you may have noticed that within the last week or so, she has not been as quick to respond to your messages on the internet dating site and when she does, she doesn’t seem as animated.

The conversations may also not last very long now.

These are all signs that she is not serious about talking to you.

She may know that you will want to ask her out soon and she may not want to put herself in the position where she has to accept or decline your offer.

You may have even already asked her out and she has been giving you reasons why she can’t make it.

However, she may always leave you with some kind of hope that makes you believe that she will go out on a date with you at some point in the future.

These are all telltale signs that you are dealing with a girl who isn’t serious about meeting you.

To stay in contact with a girl that has been behaving in this way would only be a waste of your time.

No matter what she has told you in the past that may have given you hope, you need to listen to what your instincts are telling you.

When a girl has this kind of sporadic and untrustworthy behavior, staying in contact with her may be very ill-advised and fruitless.