Online Dating: Do Guys Like It When A Girl Is Unavailable?

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Online Dating: Do Guys Like It When A Girl Is Unavailable?

It is never a good idea to make yourself unavailable to guys that you meet while online dating.

If a guy has shown some interest in you on an online dating site and the both of you have been having good conversations, he is going to want to go out on a date with you at some point.

By making yourself unavailable to him even though you clearly like him, you may run the risk of him soon losing interest and moving on from you.

Being that he is online dating, there is a good chance that he may be getting messages from other girls.

He may also be actively sending messages to girls.

If you keep making yourself unavailable to him and another girl that he has been messaging makes herself available, he will abandon you and focus on wooing her.

This is most likely how events will unfold if you choose to become unavailable to guys that you meet when online dating.

You may have been told by people in your life that it is best to be unavailable to a guy so that he will chase you.

Perhaps you have even tried being unavailable to guys that have liked you in the real world and it worked.

These guys may have chased you to the point where you really felt validated that making yourself unavailable to guys was the best way to go.

Well, online dating is a different ball game.

In real life, those guys may not have had a lot of opportunity to find other girls that they could date.

That is not the case when they are online dating.

Online dating provides guys with a lot more opportunity for dates than the real world typically does.

This is one of the reasons why online dating is so popular.

Guys have now found that they are able to give themselves much better odds in finding a girlfriend if they were to join an online dating site.

It is much more effective for them to send messages to a bunch of girls and hope that a small percentage respond to them than it is to approach one girl at a time at a nightclub or bar in the real world.

Not only do they have an increased likelihood that some of those girls that they send messages to when online dating will show an interest in them and respond to these messages, they are able to save so much time and effort my sticking to online dating.

This is why you should be very careful if you decide to play like you are unavailable to guys.

You may have been able to get away with this in the real world but it is unlikely that you will get the same results when you are online dating.

There is a certain pace that online dating moves at.

A guy will only show interest in you for so long before he decides to move on to someone else because you have been making yourself unavailable to him.

He knows that he has other potential dating options on the online dating site.

He is not going to want to take too much time trying to get you to agree to meet him on a date when he knows that the next girl that he comes across on the online dating site that is just as attractive as you may agree to a date without any fuss.

Guys don’t like it when a girl makes herself unavailable to them.

If your objective is to get guys on an online dating site to chase you, there are other more effective ways that you can do that.

For one, you can make yourself an amazing conversationalist.

Learn the right kind of questions to ask guys that doesn’t only make them feel special but also makes them feel a stronger attachment to you.

Get a better understanding of what it means to appeal to a man’s core.

This is when you are able to get him to let down his guard and really open up to you.

Getting a guy to this point is the smarter and more effective way to get him to chase you.

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