Online Dating: Do You Ever Swipe Left On Someone You Like Because You Think They’d Swipe Left On You?

Online Dating: Do You Ever Swipe Left On Someone You Like Because You Think They'd Swipe Left On You?

This is not uncommon.

Swiping left on someone you like because you think that they would swipe left on you is caused by insecurity due to something that you may be repeatedly experiencing on the dating app.

You may have already come across people that you like on the dating app that you took interest in and decided to swipe right on.

However, over time, you may have noticed that these people keep swiping left on you.

It happens so often that you reach a point of frustration that soon gives way to resentment and then eventually acceptance.

Now, you don’t even want to put yourself in a position where someone can put you through all those negative emotions.

You don’t want to see someone’s dating profile, get excited about them and swipe right, only to have them disappoint you time after time.

Deflated, your mindset begins to develop a self-defense mechanism.

It is no longer going to get fooled by these dating profiles that have gotten you excited and hopeful in the past.

Hence, from now on, whenever you see someone that you like on the dating app that you think would swipe left on you, you quickly swipe left.

Again, this is often due to a repeated negative experience on the dating app that has now made you feel the need to guard your emotions and keep hope at bay.

Another reason why it is not uncommon for someone to swipe left on a person that they like because they think that the person would swipe left on them is because they may already know that the person is just way out of their league.

Oftentimes, this perception doesn’t start with the dating app.

This is someone who may have encountered people that look like that in their real lives.

They have always felt invisible around them and could never get this desirable person’s attention.

This person would always date the most popular person at school or at work.

With this kind of life experience, they simply believe that whoever they come across on a dating app that looks like this person will always be out of their league.

When they swipe left on the person, it is not just because they have had the experience of people like this never taking notice of them nor acknowledging them their entire life.

They swipe left because subliminally, they are trying to get back at people like this.

In swiping left, they are sending the message that they are going to reject that person first before the person has had a chance to either reject them or make them feel like they are less than worthy.

So much of this kind of behavior just has to do with a history of having these kind of unfulfilling experiences with these objects of desire.

When they swipe left on this person, they are getting back at them for all those years of torment.

It is a good feeling when they do it, almost cathartic.

This is how they effect some kind of payback.