Online Dating: How To Control The Feels?

Online Dating: How To Control The Feels?

It can be challenging to keep the feels under control when you have met a guy on an online dating site that you are having such a great time with.

The conversations have been amazing and easy.

The flirting has been fun.

The regularity in communication has been fluid.

If you have already met this guy on dates, those dates have been electric and heartwarming.

You may have even reached a point with this guy where he has become a permanent fixture of your day.

You can’t imagine going for a day or more without talking to him in some capacity.

To control the feels that you are experiencing for this guy at the moment, you need to understand that it is still too early in the process of getting to know him to allow yourself to fall so hard.

As people, we tend to bring our best selves forward when looking for a romantic partner.

This is especially true when we meet on dating sites.

Think about how you behave when you start interacting with a romantic prospect for the first time in general, whether you met them on a dating site or in real life.

You often bring your best self, don’t you?

Although you know that there are some things about yourself that you may not be all that proud of, you still bring your best self.

You aren’t necessarily forthcoming with these shortcomings until you and this person have gotten to know each other over an extended period of time.

This approach to dating someone of romantic interest is no different with most other people.

They will often show their best side first.

Keeping this in mind will help you control the feels that you are experiencing for this guy.

It will show you that you can’t be entirely sure about the personality that he has been presenting to you until you have given your interaction with him more time.

You can also control the feels that you are experiencing for this guy by ensuring that you are making a real effort to get to know other guys that you meet on the online dating site.

Oftentimes, women make the mistake of becoming so enamored with a guy that they have met on an online dating site that they proceed to only focus on communicating with that one guy and consequently ignore all the other guys that may be trying to get their attention.

You shouldn’t do this.

The purpose of being on the online dating site in the first place is to find a compatible match.

You shouldn’t take a chance on investing all of your time and energy on the one guy that you have gotten really enamored or excited over.

You would be putting all of your romantic hopes in one person and this is never the right approach.

The person may ultimately end up not being right for you and you would have wasted all that time and energy for nothing.

When you invest your time and effort in getting to know other guys of interest on the dating site, it gives you an opportunity to have your interest divided across a number of romantic prospects.

This helps to prevent you from feeling the desperation and anxiety that tends to come with only putting your romantic hopes on one guy.

It relieves the pressure.

By having this kind of diversity, you will be able to have much better control over the feels that you have over any one guy because you know that you have a few good romantic options and thereby you aren’t entirely reliant on any one interaction to work out.