Online Dating: Is It A Bad Idea To Match Or Message In The Middle Of The Night?

Online Dating: Is It A Bad Idea To Match Or Message In The Middle Of The Night?

In general, the best time to match or message someone on a dating app is in the early evening.

This is when people are the most active on dating apps.

She is off work and is prepared to go on with the rest of her day.

She has more time to get online and check her matches and messages.

This increases the odds she sees you as a potential match or she sees your message, which leads to a response.

That being said, you shouldn’t completely write off the the idea of matching or messaging someone in the middle of the night.

Not everyone has the same schedule.

If you have observed that this is a person who tends to be online in the middle of the night, it makes sense to match or message her at that time.

Some people are late birds, not checking their dating app accounts until later at night closer to midnight or into the early hours of the morning.

In this case, it bodes better to match or message her when you tend to see her online.

Clearly, this would be a woman who has caught your attention.

Before getting too caught up in her, think about whether you would be available to her at these late hours on a constant basis.

There is a trade-off.

When you match with or message a woman on a dating app who is habitually online at late hours, you have to be prepared to be available to her at those hours.

Is that something you can do?

Does your schedule permit it?

Don’t get so caught up in her looks that you don’t contemplate this.

Your schedules may not align at all.

Which would make her unavailable to you for the most part.

Whoever you date needs to have a schedule that fits into your life.

When you have completely opposite schedules with someone, you are inviting a lot of stress in the foreseeable future.

Although it starts well enough, it’s only a matter of time before the opposite schedules become a real problem.

You are having a hard time getting enough sleep before work.

A lack of sleep has left you struggling to meet the requirements you have in your daily life.

This leads to stress which then negatively affects conversations you have with her.

Fights occur and your relationship with her is on life support.

This is never pleasant.

Think about this before matching or messaging someone you see who tends to be online late at night and into the early morning.

She is attractive and that makes it tempting to do it.

But in the long run, with completely opposite schedules, you are walking right into a trap.

It doesn’t hurt to connect with her, but once you do, find out what her schedule is like.

With a schedule that doesn’t align with your own, you are better off abandoning it and reverting back to matching and messaging women who have a schedule that aligns with yours.