Online Dating: Is Sexting Before You Even Meet The New Normal?

Online Dating: Is Sexting Before You Even Meet The New Normal?

Unfortunately, sexting before meeting is developing into the new normal on dating apps.

Online society is one of immediate self-gratification.

There are lots of men on dating apps who get off on sexting women.

He doesn’t care that he is yet to meet you.

In his mind, sexting is like foreplay before sex.

In doing this first, before earning a date with the woman, he gets to see whether there is sexual compatibility.

As sexuality in the online hemisphere has skyrocketed, thanks to an endless array of sexualized social media posts and a limitless stream of pornographic websites, men on dating apps have gotten more brazen with sexting than they were in the past.

They are not this brazen when they meet women in real life venues.

When was the last time a guy stepped up to you at a shopping center and initiated conversation with sexual innuendo?

Doesn’t happen.

Yet, on dating apps, guys are brazen enough to use sexual innuendo in conversation way too prematurely.

Besides the sexualization of the online hemisphere, dating apps provide an air of anonymity.

Communicating behind a dating profile isn’t the same thing as walking up to a woman in real life and immediately commencing a conversation with her of a sexual nature.

Although sexting before even meeting in person is increasingly commonplace on dating apps, the dating app you choose to use is still a major factor.

Dating apps that are geared towards casual relationships are more likely to have guys that are quick to sext a girl before meeting them in person.

He doesn’t care that you two are yet to meet in person.

He is sexting you prematurely to see whether there is sexual chemistry.

Take a look at your dating profile.

Removing any form of sexuality on your dating profile reduces the number of guys who sext you.

In other words, avoid posting pictures that show you scantily-clad.

Even a picture of you in a swimsuit attracts the wrong crowd of guys.

Relegate your sexy pictures to your social media.

Be conservative with your pictures on dating apps.

Some women are misguided when they choose to keep talking to a guy who has sexted them in the past, hoping to steer him into having meaningful conversations with them that have no sexual innuendos.

When a guy sexts you too soon, it’s time to block the guy and move on, without exceptions.

In continuing to have conversations with him, you are giving him the impression that you are open to sexting.

This is the last thing you want.

Even in the event he starts having meaningful conversations with you, he is merely biding his time until he sees an opening to introduce sexual innuendos into his conversations with you once again.

That is his primary goal in keeping the conversations going over time.

He is not genuinely interested in getting to know you as a person.

Why waste your time chatting with such a guy, when you are looking for someone with substance?

As a rule of thumb, so as not to waste your time, the moment a guy sexts you too early on a dating app, block him and move on.