Online Dating: Is The Deck Stacked Against Guys?

Online Dating: Is The Deck Stacked Against Guys?

The deck isn’t necessarily stacked against guys when it comes to online dating.

Guys often forget that online dating is no different than real life dating in a number of aspects.

In real life, the guy is typically the one who pursues the girl.

He is the one who starts conversations with her and ultimately asks her out.

This is no different when it comes to online dating.

So many guys have the misconception that online dating is going to be so much easier than meeting romantic prospects in real life.

They just have this idea that the rules of courtship are somehow different when it comes to online dating.

They forget that they are still dealing with actual human beings behind those dating profiles.

These are human beings who live in the real world.

A girl is still going to approach courtship on an online dating site in the same way she approaches it in real life.

For the most part, she will expect the guy to make the first move.

She will expect to have the option to either accept his advances or not.

This is no different than how it works in real life.

As a guy, you really have to understand this.

It is easy to get caught up in believing that the deck is stacked against you on an online dating site because you aren’t receiving many messages from girls or many matches.

However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to start feeling sorry for yourself.

This will only make you bitter.

Before you know it, you may start exuding that kind of negative energy in your approach to online dating.

There are a good number of men who become so disappointed with their online dating experience that they amend their dating profiles to include a lot of complaining about their experience.

They whine about how women aren’t responding to their messages or giving them a chance when they are matched.

They whine about how they are not on the dating site for games and that any woman who isn’t serious about meeting someone to date should just skip their profile.

The messages that they send to women become bitter as well.

Instead of attempting to start a proper conversation, they whine about knowing that the woman probably won’t respond to their message.

This kind of self-defeatist attitude will not get you anywhere on an online dating site.

It turns women off completely.

It makes the guy come off as a whiner who is unable to win at anything.

If you choose to join an online dating site, there are a number of things that you must understand first and foremost.

You will not receive anywhere near as many messages and matches as women do.

You will have to initiate most messages and a majority of those messages will not receive a response.

You will start conversations with women that fizzle out after a few text exchanges.

You will get matches from women who still choose not to message you nor respond to a message that you might send.

If knowing all of this turns you off, you might as well quit while you are ahead and just cancel your online dating account.

You will not succeed.

However, if you are willing to understand that you will go through a number of hurdles before meeting your match, you will have a lot more success in online dating.

Online dating takes work.

It is a numbers game.

If you aren’t ready to play, don’t bother signing up.