Online Dating: It Seems Like Every Guy I Match With Lives In His Parents’ Basement. Should I Lower My Expectations?

Online Dating: It Seems Like Every Guy I Match With Lives In His Parents' Basement. Should I Lower My Expectations?

Upwardly mobile men who are financially independent abound.

In only matching with men who live in their parents’ basement, there may be something about your online dating profile that is attracting this particular subset of men.

You should take a good hard look at your dating profile and ask yourself about whether there is something about it that would attract these types of men.

If these men are living in their parents’ basements for opportunistic reasons, there may be something about how you went about filling out your dating profile that makes them feel as though they can be opportunistic with you as well.

Perhaps, there is a frivolous nature to how you went about completing it.

You may not have every major option filled out in terms of the kind of man that you are looking for.

You may need to adjust the age range that you are looking for to perhaps something somewhat older just to see if your luck changes.

You may even need to look at the option for salary ranges of the match that you are hoping to find.

You may have ignored filling this option out or may have selected a range that you should now adjust to something higher.

Your search parameters may also be working against you.

You may be limiting the search algorithm to sending you matches that are within a fairly concise area where there is a higher proportion of men who live in their parents’ basements.

Perhaps it is an area that has been economically hit recently or that has a large proportion of college students.

You may need to expand your area of preference so as to have a better chance at attracting a different type of man who is financially independent and upwardly mobile.

Without the proper adjustments, your current dating profile may be attracting opportunistic men who are merely looking for women to take care of them.

On the contrary, instead of lowering your expectations, you may need to raise them.

You may be setting them too low to begin with.

As an upwardly mobile financially independent woman, you shouldn’t feel awkward in letting it be known that you are looking for the same in your dating profile bio.

Yes, you should literally write that in.

Don’t feel awkward about it.

You joined the dating site to find your match.

Attracting men who live in their parents’ basement is simply a waste of your time.

Think about yourself and what you want.

That is what matters most.

You aren’t on the dating site to please everyone.

You are there to find your match.

Be bold in what it is that you are looking for.

State it clearly within the body of your dating profile in the midst of describing who you are and showcasing some of the better points of your personality.

Now, you could rework your dating profile and make it feel stronger by being a lot more specific about what you want and still have the issue of men matching with you who live in their parents’ basement.

When this is the case, you should strongly consider joining a premium dating site.

If you are on a free dating site or one that offers the majority of its’ services for free, you will be among a crowd of men who live in their parents’ basements among other undesirable qualities.

They are leeching off of their parents and they are now doing the same on a dating site that offers their services either mostly for free or entirely for free.

On the contrary, men who join a premium dating site are actually paying for the service and the majority of what that service provides, if not all of it.

This fact alone instantly increases the chances that you will be matched with men who are financially independent.

Oftentimes, these are men who have financially rewarding careers and are looking to meet their equal.

You wouldn’t need to lower your expectations.

You could keep them as high as you are comfortable with and still attract the right kind of man for you.