Online Dating: She Asked For My Last Name?

Online Dating: She Asked For My Last Name?

It’s been a week of conversation on a dating app and she is asking for your last name.

You are no criminal and have no trouble giving out your last name to a woman you met on a dating site.

The issue has to do with when.

When is it appropriate to do this?

At a week of conversation, you are concerned about whether it is too soon to give your last name to this woman.

This is the internet.

For all you know, you could be talking to a scammer who has requested this information in order to scam you out your money, identity, etc.

These reservations aren’t ludicrous.

It has been a week of conversation with this woman and although it feels like everything is headed in the right direction, she is technically a stranger.

Clearly, you aren’t at ease with giving her your last name this soon.

Why not tell her that you prefer getting to know her better before doing this?

What’s the hurry?

With consistent communication, it takes about 2 weeks to a month to establish rapport and trust between two people who are looking for a serious relationship on a dating site.

There have been no plans to meet each other in person yet.

So, she needn’t be worried about her physical safety at this stage.

There is nothing wrong with telling her that you have reservations about providing your last name so soon.

Being that it is the internet and there is a thing called catfishing, you would rather wait.

A woman wanting to know your last name isn’t unusual either.

She has met you on the internet and knows nothing about you.

Most women who request a last name intend to do a search of it to confirm your identity and protect themselves.

She is looking out for her well-being and that is smart.

You should be prepared to give out this information in the foreseeable future, especially if you two decide to meet each other in person.

To get there quicker, why not ask her to do a video chat with you?

Scammers on dating sites never want to get on a video chat.

They are misrepresenting themselves and doing a video chat with you brings that to light.

A typical excuse you hear from scammers when a person requests a video chat is that their video capabilities aren’t working, or they push off the video chat for a later date, as they persist in asking for your last name.

Trust with someone you meet on a dating site is built a lot faster when you video chat each other.

Suggest doing it.

A woman with true intentions on a dating site doesn’t have an issue with this, especially one who is asking for your last name.

Once you are on a video chat with her, you have confirmation that the woman represented on the dating profile is the same woman you are talking to.

With this visual confirmation of her physical identity, you may not even require subsequent video chats to divulge your last name to her.

Trust has been established and telling her your last name doesn’t sound so disconcerting.

Ask for hers too.