Online Dating: She Deleted Me As A Match Immediately After Our First Date?

Online Dating: She Deleted Me As A Match Immediately After Our First Date?

No matter how good you thought that first date went, it wasn’t mutual.

Yes, it is shocking to see that she made such a drastic move in deleting you as a match immediately after the first date.

It is not unusual though.

You thought that the date went well or alright.

The conversation was good.

There were no awkward silences.

You were both pleasant enough to each other.

When the date concluded, you felt good about seeing her again on another date.

That has now turned out to be a pipe dream.

You have been deleted as a match.

No second date is forthcoming.

It isn’t a good feeling to be deleted as a match without any warning.

The least that you expected was that she would tell you of her intentions or at least, not give you the impression that the first date had gone well and that a second was imminent.

All the emotions that you are experiencing right now make sense, but don’t fall into the trap of becoming a victim.

There are people who connect on dating sites, meet in life and simply don’t connect in the same way.

One or both parties feel this.

In your case, it was just her that felt that the connection simply wasn’t there.

It is okay.

This is part of online dating.

Nobody truly knows what a real life meeting with someone they originally met on an online dating site is going to be like.

They are hoping for the best.

She certainly was.

She wouldn’t have taken the time to meet you on the date if she wasn’t.

Not everyone who meets online is going to connect in real life.

It is just the nature of the online dating experience.

It isn’t anything personal.

She wanted to feel a connection with you and it just wasn’t there.

That doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong on the date per se.

Even though you are irritated that she gave you the impression that the date went well instead of being honest about not feeling a connection with you at the date, all of this was a lot for her to process.

While she was at the date, she was trying to understand what she was feeling.

She left that date in a quagmire.

She knew that she hadn’t felt the spark that she was hoping to feel but wasn’t sure about whether she wanted to give it another go.

The date was pleasant enough.

Conversation was easy and fun.

She didn’t feel uncomfortable.

This quagmire kept her indecisive until she came to the realization that a second date wouldn’t work.

She didn’t want to bear the weight of having to tell you that she wasn’t interested in pursuing anything romantic with you or meeting you on a second date.

She remembered how hopeful you looked during that date and it would make her feel so bad to message you and tell you the truth.

Easier for her to delete you as a match.

This way, she doesn’t lead you on and she herself can move on.

No one is saying that this is the fair thing for her to have done.

She thought it was best.

The sooner you accept this, the sooner you move on to better dates that actually lead to a second.