Online Dating: She Unmatched Me After I Asked Her Out?

Online Dating: She Unmatched Me After I Asked Her Out?

She may feel awkward about the fact that you asked her out.

She may have unmatched you so as not to allow the both of you to feel obligated to continue communicating with one another on the online dating site.

Though you felt a connection with this girl and asked her out as a result, this doesn’t mean that she felt the same way about you.

No matter how good the conversations have been, she may never have reached the point where she felt like she really wanted to meet you.

There are some girls that you will meet on an online dating site who may either not necessarily be looking to go out with anyone or who may simply be there to kill boredom.

You may have been chatting with one of these types of girls.

She unmatched you because that ride of conversation without expectation is now over.

In asking her out, you have shown that you are looking to take this lighthearted interaction to the next level.

She knows that she isn’t feeling that way and has now felt the need to unmatch.

She knows that even if she had taken the route of turning you down without unmatching, you may have still felt the need to continue trying to chat with her.

She may not have wanted to put herself in that position.

Nor did she want to put herself in the position where she may have to continually explain why she doesn’t want to go out with you.

Unmatching you just felt like the simplest avenue to take.

It would just take the complication out of everything.

She can turn her attention to talking to other men on the dating site and you can move on to talking to other women.

There are certain situations where a girl may unmatch you after you asked her out because she has gotten anxiety.

In other words, she may not have really thought about what it would be like to meet someone from an online dating site in real life.

Sometimes, people don’t really think about this before joining an online dating site.

They don’t ask themselves about whether they would truly be able to meet someone from an online dating site in real life if that opportunity were to arise.

They just start online dating with the belief that everything will work out somehow.

However, once that moment arrives where someone that they have been talking to on an online dating site asks them out, it may suddenly hit them that they actually aren’t prepared to take this kind of step or even leap.

It may simply be too much for them at this time.

They have never actually met someone from a dating site in a real life meeting.

It makes them nervous and anxious.

They decide to unmatch the person as a result.

They feel like they just need more time to figure out whether they can follow through with actually meeting someone in real life from an online dating site.

They may eventually get to that point.

However, they are not there at this time.

Hence, you become one of their casualties on their quest to discover whenever they can get comfortable enough with this online dating thing to finally meet someone in real life.