Online Dating: We Matched A Few Days Ago And Our Chats Are Only About Meeting In Person

Although you have attempted to have a conversation with your match on topics outside of the first meeting that you have both agreed to, he continues to ignore those messages.

Online Dating: We Matched A Few Days Ago And Our Chats Are Only About Meeting In PersonHe seems only concerned with briefly chatting with you about meeting in person and nothing more.

Yes, you are looking forward to meeting him in person, but you aren’t enthused about how he doesn’t want to chat about anything else but that.

You haven’t been online dating for long, and his behavior has you wondering whether his reluctance to chat about anything else besides meeting in person is cause for concern.

Although I have had my fair share of idiosyncratic matches on a dating site, I must say, this situation is one I dreaded whenever I was at the receiving end of it.

A guy who doesn’t want to engage in any other conversation with you besides that of meeting in person isn’t looking to get to know you as a person.

He has deliberately ignored the messages that you have sent in an attempt to open up topics outside of meeting in person.

This is never good.

A natural rebuttal is that he is a guy that believes he is better at communicating in person, which is why he wants to meet in person and avoid chatting online.

True, there are those that are better conversationalists in person.

Nevertheless, that isn’t an excuse to eschew any sort of conversation besides that of meeting in person and any changes that occur in those plans.

A guy that is interested in you as a person, but prefers conversations in person, won’t completely avoid conversations outside of meeting in person when you instigate them.

He responds without getting into too much detail, but he doesn’t ignore messages that are outside of meeting in person.

Sadly, in your case, this is a guy who isn’t making any effort to respond to messages outside of meeting in person.

This means that he is playing the numbers and collecting dates.

Unfortunately, a guy like this is not only doing this with you, he is doing this with multiple women he matches with.

His motivation is to stack dates while exerting little effort.

A few days have passed since you matched with each other.

This is a short period of time.

This early, there is so much information about each other that hasn’t been explored.

Unlike two matches that have been talking to each other for months before meeting in person, and exhausting every topic imaginable, you haven’t even grazed the surface of potential topics with each other.

His reluctance to touch on any topic besides that of meeting in person when it is this early, and there is so much to learn about each other, is cause for concern.

This exposes you to a first date where conversation is wooden and uninspired.

It’s unlikely that he has been storing up topics to use for conversation during the first date either.

A guy like this is not concerned with conversation.

He is concerned with stacking dates, hoping that he gets to meet you quickly and assess whether he is physically attracted to you or not.

His motivations are purely superficial in nature.

If he deems you attractive enough at the date, he is likely following that up with asking you back to his place.