Online Dating: When She Lives With Her Ex Because Of The Economy?

Online Dating: When She Lives With Her Ex Because Of The Economy?

Since you started talking to her on a dating app, you have been enjoying the banter.

Nevertheless, during these conversations, she revealed information to you that you weren’t expecting.

She mentioned that she lives with an ex because of the economy.

You didn’t know what to make of this when she stated it.

She made light of it, but it was hard for you to simply tuck it into the back of your mind or forget about it.

I don’t blame you for being alarmed at this news.

A match that continues to live with her ex is worrisome.

Although she told you that she is living with her ex because of the economy, it doesn’t assuage the negative feeling it instills.

The biggest part of your fears has to do with the danger that she isn’t over her ex.

This is a justifiable fear.

After all, living in such close proximity with someone she shared an intimate relationship with is alarming.

In general, in cases like this, it is too much of a slippery slope.

No matter how much either party believes they have moved on from each other, continuing to live with each other is too great of a trap.

All it takes is for the pair to have a moment where they are reminded of how much fun it was when they were in a relationship, and they are rolling around on the couch making out.

Yes, it is that likely.

Also, dating a woman who lives with an ex makes the courtship undertaking fraught with complications.

Exes have a proclivity to get jealous.

He won’t like seeing that she is going out on dates with you, while he remains single.

Should you hit if off with her and meet up with her on dates, it’s inevitable that you will eventually come to her home and her ex sees you.

Believing that she is moving on, with you as a great prospect to become her next boyfriend, he is inclined to disrupt.

Being that she lives with him, his presence is a constant, whether she is in the kitchen, living room, laundry room, etc.

He uses this to his advantage.

In an attempt to win her back, he turns on the charm.

He buys items he knows she loves for the kitchen, living room, etc.

He cooks a meal he knows she loves at the end of a busy day at work or on a lazy weekend.

He fixes something that breaks in her room or about the home.

This is his charm offensive.

The idea is to get her to fall for him again, like she once did.

Meanwhile, you are courting this woman.

Despite your efforts, his charm offensive makes her susceptible to falling back into his arms, given the history she has had with him before you matched with her on a dating app.

Even if she doesn’t fall for his charm offensive, you now have to worry about him deciding to do everything in his power to make your courtship of her immeasurably painful.

In this vain, he is purposely doing whatever he can to frustrate her.

He is leaving his dirty dishes in the sink, falling behind on paying his share of the bills, eating food she purchases for herself from the fridge, having people over at ungodly hours of the night to keep her up when she has work the next day, etc.

This leads to stress in her life and unfortunately she is constantly in a foul mood because of it.

When you take her out or hang out with her, this foul mood is certain to negatively influence your time with her.

Before you know it, she is quick to anger and snapping at you for nonsensical reasons.

This jeopardizes your courtship of her, and inevitably, it all ends with her telling you that she is not at a good place right now to be dating.

Her ex wins.

Once he realized he couldn’t win her back with his charm offensive, he disrupted her life to such an extent that he got her to give up on her quest to find a new partner.

Is this where you want to end up?

I am sure it isn’t.

Courting a woman who is living with her ex is too much of a slippery slope, regardless of how practical her reasons are for doing so.