This Girl On An Online Dating Site Totally Played Me And Led Me On. How Do I Get Over This?

This Girl On An Online Dating Site Totally Played Me And Led Me On. How Do I Get Over This?

You get over this by learning from it.

Getting caught up on being totally played and led on by this girl will only hamper you from reaching your ultimate goal of finding a compatible match.

Online dating sites are filled with a lot of people.

With this volume of people, there are always going to be those that have poor character.

This is inevitable.

It is just plain math. Not everyone will be of moral character.

However, the majority of people who do use online dating sites are good people.

In order to help yourself get over this, you should look back on your interaction with this girl that you met through online dating and ask yourself about where you may have missed the warning signs.

If this girl totally played you and led you on by making you believe that she liked you, you should ask yourself about why you believed her and went along with what she was doing.

Perhaps she was being very flirtatious with you.

Perhaps she was being very playful whenever she would interact with you on the online dating site.

Perhaps she made promises about the activities she would love to engage in with you in the real world.

If this girl did all or some of this really early during your interaction with her on the online dating site, this is normally not a good sign.

This is especially true when this girl initiates this kind of behavior on her own without your prompting.

Normally, people who don’t totally play others or lead them on while online dating take some time to get to know a person first on the online dating site before flirting, teasing or making promises.

These people take some time to communicate for a sufficient amount of time before they even think about doing any of these things.

How you get over this is to understand this and learn from this.

You should always thread with caution when a girl seems to be too overly eager too soon. By not doing so, you could make yourself more susceptible to being totally played or led on.

Most girls who are genuine about online dating and trying to find a romantic partner will not start flirting, teasing and making promises to you so soon.

They would often want to build some rapport with you over a sustained period of communication on the online dating site before they would feel comfortable enough to start doing any flirting or teasing.

They most certainly wouldn’t make promises about what they will do with you upon meeting you in real life when they haven’t built any level of rapport and thereby trust in you.

This girl that you met on an online dating site who totally played you and led you on may have a habit of doing this to guys in general.

If you take a good look at her online dating profile, you may notice that she doesn’t have much substance on it.

Most of what she had to say on her online dating profile may have had to do with merely having fun.

Even her online dating photos may have been primarily superficial shots of her.

She may have a lot of selfies in there or other photos that just show her making different poses.

She may even have photos of her simply partying with her friends.

An online dating profile like this is typically a dead giveaway that you are dealing with someone who may not be serious about finding a serious relationship.

This is the kind of person that may totally play you and lead you on as you interact with her on the online dating site.

She is simply on the online dating site for attention and to have fun.

You get over this experience through learning a lesson from it.

Take these lessons with you so that the next time you interact with a girl on an online dating site, you will know what to watch for.