Using A Dating App While Seeing Someone Else In An LDR?

Using A Dating App While Seeing Someone Else In An LDR?

An LDR (Long Distance Relationship) is challenging and you have come to realize that.

That is why you are using a dating app.

You wonder about the implications of this.

Is using a dating app considered cheating when you are in an LDR that may or may not have been defined as an exclusive relationship?

The thing is, if you have given this person that you are in a long distance relationship with, the impression that you are in an exclusive relationship with them, it is cheating to be using a dating app simultaneously.

In using a dating app, you are doing something very sneaky behind this person’s back, intent on eating your cake and having it too.

You are intent on ending the relationship more than likely, but you are waiting until you find someone on a dating app to replace your LDR.

This is totally unfair to the person.

In giving this person the impression that you are in an exclusive relationship with them, they are investing a lot of emotional energy on you.

If you are yet to meet him in person, he is probably excited about that moment and its impact.

Imagine the roles reversed.

You are in a long distance relationship with someone and you believe that you are exclusive with this person.

However, this person is using a dating app, matching with strangers online.

Meanwhile, you are investing emotion and time on this guy, as you look forward to finally meeting him in person in the foreseeable future.

The guy is using a dating app and connecting to new people.

He goes out on dates with a number of them and develops a keen interest in a few of them.

You are unaware of this.

Rather, you are excited about getting off work that day and talking to him on the phone or having a video date with him.

Every phone call and video chat causes you to feel a deeper connection to him, but behind your back, he is talking to other girls on dating apps and going out on dates with them.

Imagine how you would feel as the one going through this.

Think about the heartbreak in hearing the news about what he has been doing surreptitiously.

You feel used and lied to.

In using a dating app while seeing someone else in a long distance relationship, you are being selfish.

You are maintaining the long distance relationship to fulfill your emotional needs.

Once a replacement is found on the dating app, you are going to drop your long distance partner without a second thought.

Long distance relationships are hard enough for people who endeavor into them.

There is nothing wrong with realizing that you no longer believe a long distance relationship is viable for you.

All you need to do is tell this person that you no longer want to see them and wish them the best.

This frees you up to use the dating app to your heart’s content and releases this poor guy from the false hope that this is a relationship that is headed somewhere.