What Percentage Of Men On Dating Websites Are Dangerous?

What Percentage Of Men On Dating Websites Are Dangerous?

There are very few men on dating websites who are dangerous.

The percentage of those men tend to be incredibly low.

Dating websites have become very popular for a reason.

Many people are using it because they are noticing that their friends, family members and work colleagues are finding their significant others on them.

If there was a large percentage of dangerous men on dating websites, online dating wouldn’t be as popular as it is.

If you are concerned about your safety when it comes to dating websites, there are a number of safety measures that you can take.

You shouldn’t reveal your personal contact information to any man on dating websites until you feel comfortable doing so.

Oftentimes, you will get to this point after spending a good amount of time getting to know them on dating websites.

Get into substantive conversations with men on dating websites instead of merely focusing on only frivolous topics.

Ask them lots of questions about themselves.

This is how you are able to gauge what kind of man you are dealing with.

If he is open in answering your questions, you will be able to gain very essential insight into the kind of man he is.

If he remembers details about the conversations that he has had with you and the information that he has given you, there is a good chance that he has been truthful in what he has been telling you.

This is one of the ways you can ascertain whether you are dealing with a genuine man on dating websites or not.

This process helps in assuaging your fears about the percentage of men on dating websites who are dangerous.

If you ultimately decide to exchange contact information with this man, you should make sure that you don’t give him access to every method in which you can be reached.

Oftentimes, people make the mistake of giving out all of the venues by which they can be contacted to the guy that they like.

This includes their email, social media information, phone number, etc.

If you are worried about encountering dangerous men on dating websites, you should only stick with providing one form of contact to the man that you have vetted.

This way, the man doesn’t have multiple ways in which he can reach you.

This allows you to still maintain a degree of anonymity and thereby maintain your peace of mind.

If you decide to meet men that you have vetted on dating websites through sustained conversation, you should do so in a public place.

If you are worried about the possibility that these men may be dangerous even though you vetted them on dating websites, you should make sure that this public location isn’t close to where you work or live.

Oftentimes, a person may be able to ascertain where you work or live simply based on where you meet on a date.

By gaining clues from what you tell them in conversation during this date, they may be able to tell that your workplace is at a particular nearby location and that you may live within a mile or so of this date venue.

This is also why you should be very careful about what you reveal to men upon meeting them for the first time on a date.

If you are worried about having to deal with dangerous men, you shouldn’t be so forthright about where you work or who you work for in your first meeting.

You can give them a general sense of what you do for a living but you don’t have to get into details about where that is.

Further safety measures that you can take when meeting men from dating websites is to make sure that you never leave any of your personal items behind if you were to have to temporarily leave because you have to go to the restroom or some other reason.

This means that you shouldn’t leave your handbag, phone or anything of the sort behind.

Someone who may be dangerous can easily gain more information about you by taking a look at what you have in your handbag or taking account of what your most recent phone activity has been.

All of this being said, the majority of men that are on dating websites are not going to be dangerous. They are just looking for someone to be with, just like you are.

However, you should still always be safe whenever you interact with men on dating websites or choose to meet them in real life.

This enables you to have the best online dating experience possible.