Why Do Women Ghost After Matching On Dating Sites?

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Why Do Women Ghost After Matching On Dating Sites?

Women may ghost after matching with you on dating sites because they may get to the point where they feel that you aren’t really a good match for them.

They may have initially been excited about matching with you.

They may have taken a look at your dating profile and liked what they read.

There may have been a number of things that they found in common with you.

Hence, at the start, they may have been really excited about the prospect of getting to know you.

However, in the process of getting to know you, they may have realized that they weren’t feeling much chemistry with you.

Even though conversations between the both of you have been easy, she may still not be getting the kind of romantic thrill that she needs.

In other words, there is something missing.

The conversations are fine because the both of you have quite a lot in common and hence, there is no shortage of topics to talk about.

However, there is just no romantic spark or energy.

As a result, her sense of excitement starts to wane.

She may try to continue communicating with you for a little while longer in the hopes that something will change but she eventually gives up.

This is when she decides to ghost you.

Though, on paper, the both of you may have seemed to be a perfect match, the communication between the both of you didn’t provide her with the right romantic spark.

This does happen on dating sites.

You may be matched with someone that seems to be your perfect match on paper but upon interacting with them, the romantic spark may simply not be there.

Women ghost after matching with you on dating sites because they may actually not like the fact that the both of you are too much of a match.

These are the type of women who actually look for differences in experiences and pastimes.

This is what they typically respond to when it comes to becoming attracted to someone.

Hence, if they were to notice that they have too much in common with you, they may simply become uninspired.

There are no surprises in you.

They would know what to expect from you.

These women are the kind that enjoy new experiences that they have never had before.

This is what tends to spark their interest in a guy.

If they read the guy’s dating profile and discover that there are simply too many similar experiences, they don’t get excited because they have nothing new to look forward to.

Hence, in a scenario like this, being too much of a match to these kind of women may actually be a turn off to them.

Women ghost after matching with you on dating sites because they may worry that you are too much like an ex that they had a bad breakup with in the past.

You may have so many of the same traits as their ex.

Initially, they may have been excited to discover all of these wonderful traits in you, being that these are the kind of traits that typically attract them to a guy.

However, as they allowed themselves to think about it, you may have reminded them about their ex.

Their ex may have seemed perfect at first.

This ex had all of the traits that you do.

However, their relationship may have ended badly with that ex.

As a result, they may become hesitant to engage with you because they worry that they will have the same kind of experience with you as they did with their ex.

They remember how painful and difficult that breakup was.

They begin to associate you with those feelings even though you had nothing to do with causing them.

Unfortunately, they decide to ghost you because they simply become too worried that you will repeat the same beats as their ex and end up hurting them.

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