Why Do Women Take Such A Long Time To Respond To My First Email Message On Dating Sites?

Why Do Women Take Such A Long Time To Respond To My First Email Message On Dating Sites?

Women typically receive a lot more messages than men on dating sites.

If you have noticed that women are taking such a long time to respond to your first email messages, it may be because they are already engaged in conversations with other men.

They may be focusing the majority of their attention on talking to these men.

This means that they may not be prioritizing most of the messages that they are receiving from other men.

They may check them from time to time.

However, they may be focusing most of their time and energy in talking to a few men that they are most interested in.

With the amount of messages that women receive from men on dating sites, they can afford to be this picky.

They can afford to take their time to respond to your message.

It may be frustrating to you when a woman takes such a long time to respond to your first email message, especially when you put some time and effort into it, but it is just something that happens on dating sites.

As long as you are constructing proper first email messages that encourage conversation, you shouldn’t allow this to keep you from initiating email messages to women.

A way that you can try to reduce how often this happens is to make sure that you start sending some of your first email messages when these women are actually live and currently active on the dating site.

Oftentimes, men will just initiate an email message to a woman without any regard to whether she is online or offline.

The problem with this is that, if she is offline, his first email message could easily end up at the bottom of her message inbox as she receives more and more messages from men throughout the day and night.

This means that it will take even longer for her to get to his email, if at all.

When women check their message inbox, they will typically prioritize their most recent email messages.

If you have been in the habit of not checking to see whether these women are live and online at the times that you have sent your first email messages to them, you should start making sure that you do this.

You will get better response time if you send your first email messages to women on a dating site while they are actually using the dating site in real time.

This allows your first email message to show up as they are using the dating site.

Your message will be sent to them as a notification and being that they are already using the dating site and not at work or some other place, they will have a higher likelihood of actually clicking into it and reading it.

You should start trying to do more of this from here on out.

Even though you may be excited about sending a message to a woman whose dating profile really caught your attention, you should start practicing more patience.

Wait until she is online at the same time that you are and then send her a first email message.

This will reduce the length of time that you keep having to wait to receive responses from women that you sent a first email message to on dating sites.