Online Dating Course For Men

Online Dating Course For MenOnline Dating Course For Men

Starting with creating the perfect profile to finding your perfect match, this online dating course has been meticulously and lovingly prepared for you.

It covers the most important parts of the online dating process and gives you the best strategies and practices that will help you find the love that you deserve.

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How To Improve Your Response Rate

One of the biggest complaints that men have about online dating is the lack of response to their emails.

They may even get into a conversation with a woman and think that things are going well only to have her completely abandon the correspondence out of nowhere.

You need to improve your response rate in order to get the most out of your time on an online dating site.

You have already learned some tricks to how you can go about constructing a first email that entices a woman to respond.

You have also learned about how to construct your second email.

This is all well and good.

However, to truly improve your chances at meeting women on a dating site and getting dates, you need to be communicating with multiple women.

You need to cast a wide net.

The more women that you are able to interact with, the higher the likelihood that you will get dates with them.

Hence, you need to learn how to improve your response rate across a very wide net of women.

Casting a wide net means that you will not be able to be as specific to detail in your first emails to the majority of these women.

Detailed first emails will be reserved for women that you are deeply interested in.

Pick out about five or so of them to send these kind of emails to.

Those are the women that you are going to be biding your time with in terms of getting to know them.

However, again, you also need to cast a wider net in order to bolster your chances of talking to multiple women.

These women are also receiving a lot of emails from men that they are ignoring.

So, how do you get their attention and make them respond to you?

Icebreaker Questions

Icebreaker questions are incredibly effective when you are casting a wide net on a dating site.

The key here is to test out a few first.

In doing so, you will determine the one that tends to get the most responses and this is the one that you will use in your mass emails to as many women as you can handle on a dating site.

Casting a wide net is what will highly improve your chances of not only talking to one woman of interest but multiple.

This way, you are not entirely reliant on just one woman.

When you have multiple women who are talking to you on a dating site, you dramatically increase the likelihood of getting many dates with many women.

The key to asking an effective icebreaker question that you are going to send to a mass of women on a dating site is to get them thinking.

This is a theme that you have to continuously understand when it comes to women.

If you can get them thinking, you can get them intrigued.

Once a woman becomes intrigued, you have her attention and that could lead to dates and even a girlfriend.

Avoid asking the kind of icebreaker questions that don’t require much thought or would only require a one-word response or phrase.

The idea is to get this wider net of women on a dating site intrigued by your question and actually excited about getting to answer it.

Bad Icebreaker Questions

Try to avoid the obvious questions, it just makes it easier for her to ignore your message:

“What is your favorite color?”

Though this may be a really sweet question, it really isn’t intriguing at all.

It is the kind of question that should be saved for when you have actually spent some time getting to know a woman.

This is when she has already become somewhat familiar with you.

To use it as your first email that you are going to be sending a wide net of women on a dating site would not have the desired effect.

Sure, you may get a few responses.

However, to truly magnify your response rate, you will need something much more thought-provoking.

“Where did you grow up?”

This is yet another question that would be fine if you are already deep into the getting-to-know-you stage with a woman on a dating site.

However, to use this as the first wide net email that you send to dozens of women on a dating site isn’t effective.

She may actually not be prepared to divulge this kind of information quite yet, especially to a man that she doesn’t know on a dating site.

This is often a topic women save for men that they are already feeling a good degree of security and comfort with.

You haven’t reached that stage yet.

“What are your hobbies?”

Although women do love talking about what they love to do for fun in terms of their hobbies, this is not really an email that will entice them to respond to you.

It is not particularly specific in nature.

She may have a ton of hobbies.

It may be a bit too much work for her to try to narrow it down to a few that she can talk to you about.

You haven’t really earned this yet, being that this is your first email to her.

She wouldn’t know where to start and how much detail she should give.

This alone will be enough to make her feel like she shouldn’t bother responding to your icebreaker question.

“Are you introverted or extroverted?”

She may not be comfortable about answering this one quite yet.

Perhaps she is a combination of the two.

Perhaps she is one of the two but is quite insecure about which one.

There could be a number of reasons why she wouldn’t be entirely comfortable with answering this question quite yet.

She may need to get a better sense of what your personality is like before feeling comfortable enough to divulge which one she is.

Hence, this is often a question that works best after you have been interacting with her for some time.

These are examples of bad icebreakers because they are simply not thought-provoking enough or may even be a bit too personal too soon.

You need to send an icebreaker that will appeal to a huge number of women that are within the wide net that you are casting.

To dramatically improve your response rate with so many women, your icebreaker question needs to be one that is universally effective.

Remember, the key to a successful icebreaker question is to be thought-provoking.

Good Icebreaker Questions

Make a good first impression on her:

“What can’t you live without?”

This is a highly effective icebreaker question that will get most women thinking.

It forces her to actually think about what she truly can’t live without.

She may go through a litany of things in her mind from the serious to the mundane.

However, you have her thinking.

She may try to order what she can’t live without and may even have a challenging time figuring what comes first in line.

She may think about just one thing in particular.

It may be serious or frivolous in nature.

However, she would still feel the need to explain why this particular choice is something that she just can’t live without.

This is how you draw her into giving you a detailed response to your icebreaker question.

An icebreaker question like this is very thought-provoking.

It may actually have the effect of making her have to come to terms with what her priorities are and why.

It may even tell her a thing or two about herself.

This icebreaker question alone may give her a whole new perspective on herself that perhaps she wasn’t all that aware of.

This is how you tickle her thought process and make her that much more intrigued by you as a result.

“Ever woken up mad because your dream was so damn good?”

Just about everyone can relate to this icebreaker question, particularly women.

Women tend to have really vivid dreams due to how often they use their imagination.

Casting a wide net with an icebreaker question like this will get so many women nodding their head in agreement and anxious to tell you what that dream was about.

You have totally intrigued her with this icebreaker question by taking her back to that dream.

The more she thinks about how good that dream was, the more she is engaged in her thoughts. She is thinking.

Truly thinking.

She is visualizing that dream yet again and is feeling really good about it.

All of the emotions and thoughts that you have set off in her just by asking this icebreaker question only makes her that much more enticed to respond to your email.

Women love to share these kind of experiences.

“Who would you like to be for a day?”

This is an absolutely fascinating icebreaker question.

Women love to use their imagination.

When you ask an icebreaker question like this, you are stimulating her imagination.

Just about every woman has thought about what it would be like to live as some other person for a day.

In asking this kind of icebreaker question as your first email to this wide net of women, you have really engaged them in thought.

They may have a number of people that they would like to be for a day.

Hence, they have to narrow it down to just one.

This requires some serious thought.

An icebreaker question like this invites a truly deep and detailed response as she would want to explain the reason for her choice.

This is the kind of response that you need to be getting from women in order to increase the likelihood that they will want to keep talking to you and ultimately go out on dates with you.

Always remember the power of making her think and allowing her to use her imagination.

“If you could live in any time period, which would it be?”

This is yet another fascinating icebreaker question that really stimulates a woman’s imagination.

She is now thinking about time periods like a movie reel in her mind.

She may be thinking about quaint locations that she has visited in the past that reminded her of a time long since passed.

She may think about stories that older family members have told her about when they were young and what that time period was like.

There is literally so much that could go through her mind.

You have her thinking.

This is so thought-provoking.

She has to actually sit for a moment and figure this one out.

You have really got her imagination going.

She is picturing herself in different time periods in her mind.

She is enthralled.

She sends you a really well-thought-out response.

You have her attention in a big way and she will be looking forward to what you think of her response to your icebreaker question.

Giving Yourself Multiple Options

You can use these specific icebreakers to cast your wide net or you can come up with some of your own.

The key here is to be thought-provoking in what you ask.

Try a few icebreakers and monitor which ones seem to get the most responses from women.

Once you have that data, you can just send the one icebreaker that works the best to all the women.

Using a massive approach by means of a highly effective icebreaker is how you will dramatically improve your response rate with women on a dating site.

You still have the main five or so that you are primarily focused on.

These are the women that you like the most.

So far in the course, you have learned how to send these women highly effective and specifically targeted first emails.

These are the women that you are hoping to connect with the most.

However, by having this wider net strategy when it comes to the rest of the women, you are giving yourself a lot more opportunities to get responses.

This gives you the advantage of not having to put all of your romantic hopes on the five or so women that you are most interested in on the dating site.

Sometimes, a few of the women that you are most interested in on a dating site may disappear.

Conversation may have been going well with them but all of a sudden, they are no longer responding.

Regardless of how good an interaction is going with a woman, the possibility of her disappearing on you is still likely.

It may have truly had nothing to do with you.

She may have simply gotten caught up with her own life and its complications.

In certain situations, an ex that she still has feelings for may show up out of nowhere.

By casting a wide net with this icebreaker strategy, you ensure that you always have options.

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