Online Dating Course For Women

Online Dating Course For WomenOnline Dating Course For Women

Starting with creating the perfect profile to finding your perfect match, this online dating course has been meticulously and lovingly prepared for you.

It covers the most important parts of the online dating process and gives you the best strategies and practices that will help you find the love that you deserve.

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How To Get Better Matches

Getting more profile views is great, as it leads to the possibility of getting more matches.

The more matches that you get, the higher the likelihood that you will meet some men who match you best.

Women often complain about the kind of matches that they get when they join a dating site.

They don’t understand why they only seem to get messages or attention from men on dating sites who don’t match what they are looking for.

Sometimes, this kind of frustration could even lead them to quit online dating altogether.

You never have to face this problem to this level if you take heed and do the following:

Complete Questionnaires And Personality Tests

Many dating sites have questionnaires and personality tests that they present to their members for completion.

So many women ignore these.

Those that choose to take them never finish.

They tell themselves that they will get back to it.

Hence, they will come in and out of filling it out over the course of weeks.

Eventually, they abandon it completely.

You mustn’t make this mistake.

Questionnaires and personality tests are provided by the dating site because they are trying to get a better idea about how you think.

Regardless of the basic information that you filled out about yourself and what your preferences are in a match on your dating profile, this pales in comparison to what the dating site can learn about you if you were to take the time to fill out their questionnaires and personality tests.

It is the information that you provide in these questionnaires and personality tests that will give the dating site so much more insight into who you are. This enables the dating site to do a much better job of finding you the right kind of matches.

Yes, they take some time to complete.

However, instead of trying to do them bit by bit, pick a day where you will dedicate a good amount of time to complete them in their entirety.

Again, a big mistake that women make is when they choose to complete these questionnaires and personality tests over time.

Oftentimes, they never end up completing them.

This is not where you want to be.

Take the time to complete them in one sitting.

Be Honest With Your Answers

It can be easy to fall victim to trying to make yourself look good.

You may be asked a number of questions or presented a number of scenarios in a questionnaire or personality test that may put you in a dilemma.

If you were to answer with the first thing that came to mind, which is usually the most factual answer, it may make you look less appealing.

However, if you were to find a way to sugarcoat the real truth in answering in a way that is seemingly more acceptable, you would feel that you are still coming off as more appealing.

This is a really popular mistake that women make when they are completing a questionnaire or personality test and you shouldn’t do it.

Remember that you want to get better matches.

The more honest and forthright you are in how you go about answering the questions or scenarios that you are presented with, the higher the likelihood that you will increase the chances of getting better matches.

Regardless of how insecure you may feel about a question that is being asked of you, the honest answer to it is always the best answer.

No one is perfect. Not you nor the man that you are hoping to attract.

Hence, do not worry about answering a question in a way that may make you not look all that appealing.

The more honest you are in how you go about completing a questionnaire or personality test, the more honest of a man you will attract.

That is obviously what you should want.

The honest information that you provide in a questionnaire or personality test is what the dating site will then use to find someone that most closely matches what it is that you are looking for.

Again, these questionnaires and personality tests are so much more in depth than what you click on your bio in terms of preferences.

Those are broad.

A questionnaire or personality test is designed to go much deeper into your psyche and thought process.

A better match is a man who is able to connect with the way that you think.

Taking the time to complete a questionnaire or personality test that the dating site provides will dramatically increase the chances that you will be able to find that kind of connection with a man.

Writing A Laundry List

Oftentimes, when women write about what they are looking for in a man in their bio, they will write a laundry list of qualities.

They may write something like:

“I am looking for a man who loves family. He needs to love the outdoors. He should be faithful. Loyalty is something that is very important to me. I want him to enjoy traveling. I want him to be a gentleman, as I am a lady. I love to laugh, so a sense of humor is a must.”

When you write a laundry list of what it is that you are looking for in a man, you will often come off as very self-centered.

This alone could easily turn off men who would have been better matches for you.

Instead, a woman with this kind of approach to how she describes what she is looking for in her bio will only get the attention of players who simply don’t care about what she is looking for or men who just want to annoy her because they take offense to all of her so-called demands.

In fact a woman who writes something like this could easily receive abuse from men on dating sites.

There are lots of insecure men out there who could easily retaliate to a description like this.

They may have already had some negative experiences with women in their dating life and feel like a victim.

In order to get back at whichever woman that has hurt them in the past, they choose to take out their frustration on the woman who chose to write this kind of description of what she is looking for in a man.

This is his opportunity to alleviate some of his ire on this unsuspecting woman.

Women often complain about receiving messages from angry men like this.

Sometimes messages like this could read:

“Really? You think you can really give a man all the stuff that you are asking for?”

“Who exactly do you think you are in making all those demands?”

“What gives you the right to ask for all that?”

This type of behavior may be incredibly childish and immature, but these are men who are no longer using logic.

Create A Connection

A better way to go about writing about the qualities that you are looking for in a man in your bio is to connect yourself to those qualities in a personable way.

You could take the earlier description and write it in this way:

“Even though I talk to my mother just about every day, I sometimes wonder whether she is from another planet. Some of the stuff she says at times are quite nuts.

Do you have any family members that you are close to that make you wonder about what planet they are from at times?

One of the most enjoyable things I like to do is take a weekend, find a nature park nearby and set up camp. I just love the smell of the outdoors.

One of the first things I do when I set up camp is dig a small hole and stick a small windmill in it. There is just something I find transfixing about watching it spin with the wind blowing from the trees.

How often do you do outdoor activities and do you have any odd rituals like I do?

Though I may have made mistakes in relationships that I have had in the past, like laughing in my sleep or singing a bit too loudly in the shower, one thing I can say that I am proud of is my loyalty.

Sometimes, I may be too loyal for my own good. I would gladly put up with you suddenly laughing in your sleep or singing a bit too loudly in the shower or whatever other agreeable quirks you may have, as long as we are both loyal.

You already know about how my trip to Japan went. Would love to share more of those kind of experiences with someone who loves to travel. Who knows where we will go to next?

If anyone tells you that chivalry is not appreciated, I have a $1,000,000,000 dollar bill that I would love to gift them.

In case you didn’t catch it, I do love a sense of humor. I have been known to laugh hysterically at something as mildly amusing as watching an ostrich crossing the street. I guarantee that you will not have a hard time making me laugh.”

You have taken that previous description and really personalized it.

You have conveyed everything that the woman was looking for in a match through what you wrote but you did it in a way that connected back to you.

When you approach writing about what you are looking for in a man in this way, it comes off a lot less like a laundry list.

There is more of a natural feel to it.

It is so much easier for a man to connect to what you are writing when you are also including yourself as an example.

In relating yourself to what you are looking for in a man, you are letting the man see that you also have something to offer.

In using real life examples of the qualities that you are looking for in a man instead of just stating what you are looking for, it makes it so much easier for a man to relate to what you are saying.

Instead of just stating that you are looking for a man who loves family, you gave a short fun story about your mother and found a way to connect that back to wanting a man who has a love of family.

Instead of merely stating that you want a man who loves the outdoors, you gave an example of an outdoor activity and connected your own personal experience to it.

Instead of just stating that you are looking for a man who loves traveling, you reminded him about your trip to Japan and found a way to make him a part of a possible future trip.

Instead of just stating that you are looking for a gentleman, you wrote a lighthearted joke about chivalry and the $1,000,000,000 dollar bill.

Instead of just stating that you want a man with a sense of humor, you tried to be funny in writing about the ostrich and then let him know that he would have no trouble making you laugh.

This is how you effectively get better matches with your profile.

You need to connect.

Don’t make demands.

Be personable and give real life examples.

Put yourself inside the example so that he understands that you aren’t asking for something that you aren’t capable of giving back in return.

Create Your Own Unique Questionnaire Or Personality Test

Online dating can be time-consuming and it is always better when you are spending the majority of that time interacting with men who are your best matches.

A really effective way to get better matches on a dating site is to create your own unique questionnaire or personality test within your bio.

In other words, you can come up with two or more questions that have to do with a way that a man would approach a particular situation.

Think of questions that would matter to you.

These are not the normal kind of getting-to-know-you questions. These are actually a little bit deeper.

They create a scenario and you want to see what choice the man will make.

It is one that will provide two multiple choices.

Being that you already know the answers to these multiple choice questions, it will be a lot easier for you to get a gauge of the kind of man that you are dealing with when he is able to give you his answers.

You are already now aware of the importance of completing questionnaires and personality tests that the dating site provides.

Those help the dating site get a better understanding of how you think, thereby improving the matches that you receive.

However, creating your own unique questionnaire or personality test within your bio gives you an opportunity to present your own unique scenarios.

The answers that you get to these questions can enlighten you further and most certainly give you a greater opportunity to get better matches.

The key to doing this effectively is to avoid giving any clues as to what your answer would be.

Hence, be sure that all the other information that you have inputted into your bio don’t give away what your answer could be.

He has to come up with this answer on his own without having the advantage of knowing what your answer would have been. This is how you are able to get a more honest answer from him.

One that isn’t influenced by information that you have already provided in your bio.

Think about a personality test question that you would like to ask.

For example, you may really want to know what he would do if presented with a situation where breaking the law may not seem all that bad.

Perhaps you want to get an idea about how much of a law-abiding citizen he is.

But, you don’t want to ask a question that would have too obvious of an answer such as whether he would rob a bank or not.

Instead, you ask something like:

“You are driving in a very small town and stopped at a red light that works but takes many minutes to change color due to an outdated timer. There are no other cars or pedestrians around.”

Do you:
(a) Run the red light.
(b) Keep waiting until it turns green.

You know what you would do in this situation but he doesn’t. Getting an (a) or (b) answer from him will give you a better perspective on how good of a match he is for you.

Here’s another example.

Perhaps you want to get a gauge for how far this man would go to do a good deed.

You come up with this personality test question:

“You have been waiting in a long line at a post office. You finally arrive at the counter and notice that the woman that was ahead of you has accidentally left her driver’s license on the counter. She has just walked out of the post office and is about to drive away in a few minutes.”

Do you:
(a) Take her driver’s license to her and lose your place in line.
(b) Make the post office clerk aware of the driver’s license and continue conducting your business.

Again, you know what you would do in this situation. You are just trying to discover what he would.

Creating your own unique questionnaire or personality test within your bio takes some thought but it can be very worthwhile.

Just remember that the key here is to make sure that the information that you have already provided in your bio does not to give these men any clues as to what your answer would be.

The more honest the response, the better the match.

Your unique questionnaire or personality test is simply there to give you more perspective on how the man thinks and his temperament.

Indeed, you may even be looking for a man who would do the opposite of what you would have done in the scenarios that you create.

It really all depends on what kind of personality you feel would work best with the way you think.

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