Blind Dates vs Online Dating. Which Is Better?

Blind Dates vs Online Dating. Which Is Better?

Online dating is better than blind dates.

Going on blind dates typically means that you do not know much about the person or even what the person may look like.

This may make you very uneasy about the blind date before you have even met the person.

You will have a number of worrisome questions in your mind about what the person’s character is like and what they look like.

Instead of being excited with the prospect of meeting a new person who could possibly become a romantic partner, you are stressed and anxious.

By the time you get to the blind date itself, you may be so stressed that you are not even sure whether you want to be there.

If you meet your blind date and they aren’t what you hoped they would be like in appearance and character, you may be in for a very long and miserable night.

Blind dates simply cannot compare to the advantage you have in meeting someone on a date that you initially met while online dating.

This is why online dating is so much better than going on blind dates.

Online dating sites give you the advantage of being able to see what your date actually looks like.

Through all of the pictures that your date will have in their online dating profile, you will also be able to see your date in different environments.

Through the pictures, you will be able to see if your date gets involved in activities that you like or has visited places that you have visited.

You would have picture evidence of this.

Nothing is stronger than picture evidence about something when it comes to trying to find commonalities with someone.

Seeing these kind of online dating profile pictures will give you an instant sense of comfort and ease in knowing that you share things in common with this person.

Online dating is also far better than blind dates because you are able to get a sense of your date’s personality and lifestyle before you meet them on a date.

A person’s online dating profile will often give you a really good sense of what their personality and lifestyle is like.

You will often be able to tell whether you are dealing with a person who has the kind of character or personality that you would get along with.

Through their online dating profile, you can get a good idea of what their life experiences have been and whether you have any similar life experiences.

Their online dating profile also gives you an idea on what their background is like and what their professional qualifications may be.

These are all areas that help to give you a really good idea of what your date is like and whether the both of you share some of the same values.

Online dating is far better than blind dates because you actually get to interact with your date on the online dating site before meeting them in life.

Through chatting with each other on the online dating site, you are able to gain further insight into the kind of person that you are dealing with.

You will be able to observe whether the impression that you got of the person based on their online dating profile is the same impression that you are getting about them as you interact with them one on one on the online dating site.

Getting this firsthand experience really helps in giving you further insight into whether this is a person that you would actually like to take the time out to meet in real life on a date.

If you decide to ultimately meet this person on a date in the real world, it would be because you have gotten a really good idea of the kind of person you are dealing with through their online dating profile and also through conversations that you have had with them on the online dating site.

Hence, you will not be as anxious as you would have been if this was a blind date.

You will also have a better chance that the date will turn out great because you have already gotten a good preview of what this person’s social skills are like, thanks to the chats that you have had with them on the online dating site.

These are the kind of advantages that makes online dating better than blind dates.