Ever Been Rejected By Someone On A Dating Site And Ended Up Meeting Or Seeing Them In Person Anyway?

Ever Been Rejected By Someone On A Dating Site And Ended Up Meeting Or Seeing Them In Person Anyway?

A person can get rejected on a dating site and end up meeting or seeing the person that rejected them in person.

It is not unusual for this to happen.

When you joined the dating site, you requested to be matched with people who live closer to where you do.

Given the physical proximity of your matches, based on your mileage restrictions, it isn’t unusual that you could bump into this person while you are going about your business.

When you add the fact that you were both matched based on shared experiences and interests, it’s no surprise when you happen to run into them at a local deli, gym or even a subway, that you both frequent.

It’s best not to get rude or awkward when you happen to meet or see a person that rejected you on a dating site in person.

You should remember to still be who you are and show common courtesy.

It may feel strange at first.

You may wonder why the person rejected you on the dating site in the first place. You may be angry about it or you may simply feel inadequate.

Whatever emotions that you may be feeling, you shouldn’t allow this to affect how you interact with this person at this location.

You may have taken the fact that you got rejected by this person personally.

A lot of people take rejection personally.

Hence, there is nothing unusual about you feeling this way.

However, you really need to try your best not to treat this person that you have now met or seen in person in any other way than you would have treated them if you had never met them on a dating site and gotten rejected by them.

People reject others for various reasons.

Oftentimes, the people who get rejected really take it personally.

However, the truth is that, you may not have gotten rejected for any of the reasons that go through your head.

Some of the most popular reasons are that you were rejected because you are unattractive or strange in some way.

This may not have been the case at all.

Again, people reject other people for various reasons.

It doesn’t always have to do with the person’s looks or character.

This person may have rejected you because you happen to catch them at a really tumultuous time in their lives where they simply felt as though they didn’t have the emotional capacity to entertain a new romantic relationship.

They may have initially joined the dating site in the hopes of finding a new relationship partner only to later discover that they actually weren’t emotionally ready to invite a new relationship into their lives.

People often make this mistake.

They join a dating site when they aren’t emotionally available for romance with anyone.

They soon learn after several interactions with interested parties online that they are just not emotionally ready to take on romance with anyone.

You may have been rejected by this person at a time when they realized this.

Hence, the rejection may have had nothing to do with your looks or character.

Also understand that even if the person on the dating site rejected you because of your looks, that is not a knock on your physical appeal.

No one person is going to be attractive to everyone.

Everyone has their own tastes in terms of what they find physically attractive in people.

Hence, you shouldn’t take this reason personally either.

When you meet or see this person that rejected you on a dating site in person, be civil and talk to them like you would any other neutral person.

You want to have this kind of attitude moving forward so that you don’t get to the point where you have a negative outlook on online dating altogether.

There are people who will reject you.

Just as there are people that you will reject.

That is how the world of dating works.

It applies to everyone, even the Brad Pitts or Angelina Jolies of the world.

Don’t take it personally.