Ex Rejoined A Dating Site?

Ex Rejoined A Dating Site?

Your ex isn’t as emotionally invested in you as they once were.

The both of you may have been talking since the breakup.

Perhaps you have both been trying to make things work and rekindle the relationship.

However, if you have now discovered that your ex rejoined a dating site, your ex may no longer be hopeful that the relationship will be rekindled.

Though it may have seemed as though your ex wanted to work things out with you, they may not have truly had their heart in it.

If you have noticed that you seem to be the one who has been putting in the majority of the effort in rekindling the relationship, it may be because your ex is no longer emotionally attached to you.

Your ex may have reached a point where they are not feeling for you as deeply as they used to.

They may have felt this way right before the breakup.

However, the aftermath of the breakup may have been scary for your ex.

They didn’t have a romantic partner for the first time in a while.

They didn’t have that sense of support that you get from a romantic partner.

Hence, they may have become afraid of the fact that they were now alone.

As a result, they may have agreed to try to rekindle the relationship with you because they were just not comfortable with the sense of loneliness that comes with being single.

However, now that they have interacted with you for some time since the breakup, they may feel that they truly do understand why the breakup happened in the first place.

Your ex may have rejoined a dating site because they have finally come to terms with the reality that they are simply not as emotionally dependent on you as they used to be.

They may have gotten scared about being alone after the breakup.

They had gotten comfortable with being in a relationship and thereby a breakup may have been a shock to their system.

This may have been why they tried to rekindle the relationship with you.

However, they have had some time to think about this and have been able to observe their own behavior during this period where the both of you have been trying to rekindle your relationship.

They may have finally come to accept that they don’t need you to fulfill them emotionally anymore.

Your ex may have rejoined a dating site because they are ready to move on.

They may know that nothing is going to come of this attempt to rekindle the relationship.

You may have believed that the process of rekindling your relationship with your ex was going well.

Perhaps the both of you have been out again on a few dates and the interaction went well.

You may have even had some conversations over the phone or text that seemed to go well.

You may have been of the mindset that your relationship with your ex was going to be rekindled and the both of you would soon get back into a committed relationship.

Your ex may have initially felt hopeful when the both of you started working on rekindling the relationship but that hope may have soon waned.

It may have waned as they realized that they just weren’t experiencing that special feeling with you anymore.

This was a feeling that they used to have when they first started dating you.

It may have been a feeling that caused euphoria or giddiness.

Your ex may have realized that in all the dates and conversation that they may have had with you since the breakup, they are simply not getting that feeling anymore.

It may be a feeling that is so deep that they can’t really explain what it is but they know it when they feel it.

Your ex may have been hoping to regain this feeling at some point during the process of trying to rekindle the relationship and that feeling may have never come.

As a result, your ex rejoined a dating site because they may have finally come to a realization that they will never experience that feeling with you again.