He’s Still Active On His Online Dating Profile?

He's Still Active On His Online Dating Profile?

He is trying to find more dates.

Though the both of you may have been going strong in your correspondence, it doesn’t mean that he feels the need to become inactive with his online dating account.

If the both of you haven’t actually talked about being exclusive with one another, he is not going to necessarily feel compelled to no longer be active on his online dating profile just because the both of you are connecting.

He was already active on his online dating profile before he met you.

There is even a chance that he had been in communication with several other women on the online dating site before he even started interacting with you.

If he has been having good correspondences with those women, he would feel compelled to continue those correspondences and thereby still stay active on his online dating profile.

He may have also initially joined the online dating site in order to date as many people as possible.

You are only one of them.

If he feels that he hasn’t quite found the one he wants and he just wants to stick with dating multiple people at the same time, he is going to still be active on his online dating profile.

He wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity.

Also, something else you should consider may be that something may have gone wrong in one of your most recent interactions with him.

You two may have started well and even gone on several dates.

He may not have been particularly active during this time on his online dating profile.

However, of recent, there may have been something that happened or transpired between the both of you that turned him off.

Think back to your most recent interactions with this guy and ask yourself if you remember something that the two of you may have contended with or that he may have reacted negatively to.

The thing with online dating is that it really gives people a lot of options when it comes to meeting potential romantic matches.

Though this may generally be a good thing, it can also make people more judgmental and reactionary.

Hence, if they are dating someone that they met on an online dating site and everything was initially going well but then something happened at a most recent interaction that turned them off, they may not be patient enough to address the issue and work through it.

They quickly return to being active on their online dating profile because they just don’t want to have to put in the effort to fix the issue and there are just so many more dating options to choose from.

This may have been what happened in your situation.

Perhaps he has only recently become more active on his online dating profile because a recent interaction with you didn’t go very well.

There is a chance that he had this experience with you and became doubtful about the both of you.

Perhaps he told himself that he may have made a mistake in thinking that you were his romantic match.

Being that he doesn’t want to put in the work to try to resolve the issue or even address it, he went back to being active on his online dating profile in the hopes of finding a better match.