Is It Possible To Find Love Online Or Should I Avoid Online Dating?

Is It Possible To Find Love Online Or Should I Avoid Online Dating?

It is possible to find love online.

If that is what you are seeking, it wouldn’t be wise to avoid online dating.

A number of people have found love online.

If you were to use your own life as an example, there is a good chance that you personally know someone who has either found love online or know of someone who has.

Clearly, online dating worked for these individuals.

If they had decided to avoid online dating, they would have never met the people that they ultimately found love with.

This being said, it is still very important that you don’t decide to get into online dating with lofty or unrealistic expectations.

Oftentimes, people go into online dating believing that it will save them from all of their relationship woes.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you have had issues with your romantic relationships in the real world and you never dealt with those issues, you will have the same issues with whoever you meet in online dating.

This is something that is so crucial for you to be aware of.

You have to look back at the romantic relationships that you had in the real world that failed and ask yourself why they did.

Truly analyze this and try to ascertain what exactly happened in these relationships.

If you loved these individuals, did they love you back?

If they loved you back, how did they go about showing it?

If you have a history of falling in love with people who never were in love with you in real life dating, the same thing will most likely happen with online dating.

In essence, you have to take the lessons from this real life experience.

If you were to truly think this through, you may realize that you tend to fall in love too quickly.

You are always the first to do it and then there is this undue pressure on your romantic partner to feel the same.

They may not be ready.

They may feel very stressed that you continue expecting them to feel something for you that they are not yet feeling.

Hence, the relationship eventually collapses under all the strain and pressure.

If this has been how your love life has been in the real world, you have to come to terms with this before trying to find love online.

Avoid joining any dating site until you have worked this through and understood it.

By doing so, you may come to the realization that it is best to not allow yourself to fall in love so quickly.

Getting to know the person better over time would be your best bet.

Some people are so eager to fall in love that they forget the most important process of romancing someone, getting to know that person over time.

Doing this allows you not to get so caught up in the initial butterflies of excitement that you are feeling within you.

This keeps you from getting carried away in your own emotions.

Having this kind of attitude is what will give you the better chance at getting it right this time.

This way, if you decide to join an online dating site, you are not placing your entire focus on finding love.

You are placing your focus on patience and getting to know someone.

This is what will lead to not only finding love online but also a love that lasts.